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Quarantine in Barcelona. Day 5

Awesome positive spirit and strong minds will guide us

The Plagues of Egypt in the story of the book of Exodus, From the ten disasters, One is related with boils and another with Locusts, last June a Locust invasion affected East Africa, unusual weather conditions exacerbated by climate change have created ideal conditions for insect numbers to surge, scientists say.

The 9th plague, darkness

Coronavirus will be treated by science, science and technology are the answer, big data analysis with the best infographic designers are Tracking the spread of the novel coronavirus, it seems clear and understandable how it has been spread in Corea, Authorities are still investigating how Patient 31 contracted the virus, having no recent record of overseas travel or earlier known contact with other confirmed cases and how to give an answer to the people:

“10 days will be crucial to determining how far the coronavirus spreads.”

At a moment numbers are giving good messages, messages that can be read from different perspectives. Is a 4% the worst fatality rate or a good rate? Can be worst? What happens with the 54 % that don’t recover? Where are they? Are they at home?

Big data centres give graphic infographics that can be able to answer such a deep and existential questions like: Are we safe? Does our government is really doing well? This are the best practices?

Country Comparator

Meanwhile Stock market leaders unite against calls to stop trading, “It is important for the markets to remain open, and for them to function in a fair and orderly manner, as they have been,” Stacey Cunningham, New York Stock Exchange president, tweeted

Philosophers also have their opinions, Slavoj Zizek, think that Europe is so weakened that it will not be able to react in a unified way, and that’s what I mean when I say coronavirus gives a new chance to communism.

Several teachers had advised that teachers are not understanding Telematic teaching

Social media for 16+ hours a day might not be the absolute best thing for mental or physical health. Mitch Goldstein

Universities are scrabbling to put their learning online, but perhaps even more important is for universities to be comprehensively active online, beyond servicing their students — helping to manage the only agora left & providing legitimate content for those needing redirection cameron tonkinwise

Politics start to push, Ada Colau the major of Barcelona request masks from private sector.

London has made a move after the mathematical model proposed by the Imperial College, supresion instead of mitigation. The model make their worst prophecies.

Studio from Imperial College
Studio from Imperial College

Research conducted by Imperial College, show strategic scenarios for US showing ICU bed requirement, the Worst scenarios would be to keep closed School and university activity till February 2021.

Follow the science the messages are bringing is a new scenario where we are in the hands of leaders, governments, majors or directors that have to start to pray for a salvation history.



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