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Quarantine in Barcelona, Day 7

One week after the storm, we realized we are at the beginning of all.

Yuval announces that there is one method for the government to monitor people, and punish those who break the rules. Today, for the first time in human history, technology makes it possible to monitor everyone all the time. Consider a hypothetical government that demands that every citizen wears a biometric bracelet that monitors body temperature and heart-rate 24 hours a day. It is crucial to remember that anger, joy, boredom and love are biological phenomena just like fever and a cough. The same technology that identifies coughs could also identify laughs. Biometric monitoring would make Cambridge Analytica’s data hacking tactics look like something from the Stone Age. Asking people to choose between privacy and health is, in fact, the very root of the problem. Because this is a false choice. We can and should enjoy both privacy and health. The second important choice we confront is between nationalist isolation and global solidarity. Both the epidemic itself and the resulting economic crisis are global problems. They can be solved effectively only by global co-operation.

This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come

We are one week from the closing of Schools and Universities, the father’s day… some of them are killing themselves to spend so many time closed with their children. In a funny whattsapp, a father was thinking that we are on Christmas.

The Army finally take action. The Armed Forces are carrying out disinfection tasks in spots as El Prat Airport or the Port of Barcelona. They are under Balmis operation, that was the name as a tribute to one of those epics so forgotten by the historical memory of the Spanish: the humanitarian expedition led by the military doctor Francisco Javier Balmis to bring the smallpox vaccine to the territories of the Spanish empire in America and the Philippines (1803–1806). We are out of mind.

Today me and Alba have lectured the first online lecture though jitsi, it has been a 90 minutes test of Interaction Design Basics that gives hope of new models that flourish. As I advised before some teachers get worried that there is too much work that schools are requesting these days. We have focused on a 90 minutes call using jitsi and with some practical exercise using classroom. The test has been a success. More tests are going to come.

Class of Projects 4: 2 teachers and 18 students.

One of the main problems is connectivity access of the students and personals situations. At such a time I am scared that the topic of online work is excessive, I say this for ourselves and for students, psychologically speaking we are not in a normal situation and the capacity to concentrate I think is not the same.

Meanwhile, the numbers of ERTES follow today Inditex, had announced that will fire 37,000 of the almost 50,000 workers in Spain on April 1. From several of their companies: Tendam (7.000 empleados), H&M (casi 6.000), Liwe (1.900), Desigual (1.359), Adolfo Domínguez (728), Bimba y Lola (800), El Ganso (500) o Pompeii (50). The group itself will make purchases that it will donate, is expected to deliver 300,000 masks before the end of the week.

«The world, after the virus, will be another»

The economist Santiago Niño Becerra, professor of Economic Structure at the Ramón Llull University, predicts an accelerated model change due to “the turbo” of the coronavirus.

The strongest will endure.

There is a lot of uncertainty. We don’t know how long the pandemic will last. There is talk of two months, five months, or, for example, Imperial College as i published last day has said that it will be 18 months. If we stick with the five-month figure, the effects will already be tremendous.

Insanitary aspects, several local governments have realised online tests, to avoid the people visit Hospitals. Apps can do this tests like STOP COVID19 CAT for iPhone and Android

Madrid is the hardest-hit city, with almost 6,800 cases and 41 deaths. According to El Pais, Monday saw one coronavirus-related death every 16 minute across Madrid’s hospitals.

Case trajectories in countries whose outbreaks began more recently. Today we added Chile, Lebanon & Pakistan, and we’ll add new countries every day. Live versions of all charts here: https://ft.com/content/a26fbf

Actually there are more cases in other countries, USA, Italy …. The epicentre of the coronavirus is now Europe, with the largest number of confirmed cases in Italy, and death tolls growing more quickly in Italy and Spain than they did in China at the same stage of the outbreak.

Finantial Times

Financially, Italy’s Primeminister urges Brussels to unleash €500bn rescue fund meanwhile Global stocks push higher in response to state interventions. The S&P 500 closed up slightly higher after a volatile day on Wall Street. Oil prices, which had tumbled by more than 20% Wednesday, rebounded.

Tesla Workers Told California Plant Is ‘Critical Infrastructure’ , offers are rising.Musk said on Twitter that Tesla could make artificial respirators if necessary. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio accepts the offer

Elon Musk Offers To Make Hospital Ventilators

Surveillance measures have been put in place to combat the global coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak started in China. The country with the most extensive population surveillance capabilities on the planet quickly put it to work. Extensive data analysis, facial recognition, phone tracking, apps, even drones. The state set out to know who was where and when. And with who, of course. Where they’d been and where they were allowed to go. China does.

The Israeli government approved an emergency measure this week to track civilian mobile-phone data in order to monitor the spread of COVID-19.

Chinese researchers have found that people with blood group A appear to be more vulnerable to the coronavirus. That put a group of people under the target. Are you A? Distancing ourselves of what Dr. Martin Luther King would said:

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the temperature of their bodies, the blood group or the way they cough, but by the content of their character”



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