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Quarantine in Barcelona. Day 8

The first real weekend but not a weekend at all, Creativity and intellectual heroes are bringing open ideas to the global issue.

Proposals and DIY designs are an alternative to a sanitary system.

In 1854 the most violent cholera outbreak in England occurred in London. Approximately 700 people died in the Soho neighbourhood in less than a week, in an area just half a kilometre in diameter. It turned out that just near that area a doctor named John Snow had a consultation, and that doctor had been using maps in his articles and exhibitions for some time to help argue his hypotheses.


Bill Gates anticipated in 2015, the challenges of the arrival of an epidemic, based on the arrival of Ebola, thanks to health workers, how quickly the patients show sympathy and the luck that it did not reach large nuclei of population caused that only 10,000 people died. We need a global health system and coordinated military and medical system. Bill claims that an epidemic would cost 3 trillion dollars

Tecnodimensión workers in Girona have been working against the clock for months to carry out orders for inflatable hospitals that have exploded with the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19). The last one they have delivered, a 1,000-square-meter structure for Pachuca, capital of the state of Hidalgo, in Mexico.

Pallarès has been making inflatables, both for children, advertising and emergency (1985 for 112, Red Cross, Civil Protection …) since 1985. In 2001 he founded Tecnodimensión, which is today one of the market leaders. Their designs, despite their soft shapes, which evoke bubble hotels and even the provocative work of Prada Poole, are not a game, they comply with all the regulations of a building: high resistance fabrics with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), “ which is 100% recyclable “, fire retardant materials, ballast to withstand gusts of wind of 100 kilometers per hour, and a long etcetera of technical conditions that are in charge of satisfying its team of architects and engineers.

A Facebook group with 22,887 members is formed to evaluate, design, validate, and source the fabrication of open source emergency medical supplies around the world, given a variety of local supply conditions.

Many volunteers organize online to make scarce medical devices, such as valves for respirators. These types of valves can cost hundreds or thousands of euros — as much as 10,000 euros, according to various sources — while 3D printed replicas have a material cost of around one euro.

This initiative in Italy, a country that, like Spain and increasingly, is experiencing an unprecedented health crisis, nevertheless faces the interests of valve manufacturers that, according to Metro, on the one hand refuse to share information to facilitate its manufacture and, on the other hand, they may propose “to initiate legal actions for violating their rights and intellectual property.

Venturi valvule for Nylon at grabcad

From China Naomi Wu — one of the best known and recognized makers — offers to 3D print this type of medical device.

“They can come sue me in China”

There is a call from Public and Private organitzations to have acces to 3D Printers.

MATERFAD seeks suppliers to manufacture masks and gowns. At this time, at the request of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, it is looking for suppliers of materials to manufacture masks and gowns for health personnel, given the scarcity of these two products in which hospitals and healthcare centers across the country are located.

Electronic system from a ventilator

ReesistenciaTeam i a team that has designed the first Open self-contained respirators, based on the Jackson Rees system.

DIY mask

Last wednesday a singular event has organized to find solutions, articles appeared worldwide of how to adapt with materials you have to build a mask from home.

Creativity will guide us



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