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Quarantine in Barcelona. Day 9

Where is self-leadership today? Who we are listening to? Who really know what to say? And why we are going to believe it?

Some thoughts of this weekend resumed for Sunday, after making a tour to Mc Kinsey , Goldman Sachs, Fastco and overview and other articles focused on leadership, guides and directions in this insert moments.

Read at https://societycentered.design/

Most GDP predictions for the second quarter have ranged from horrible (-8%) to catastrophic (-15%). Goldman Sachs just blew those estimates out of the water. The bank today issued a research note with its projection for GDP loss in the second quarter of 2020: down 24%. The current pandemic and its economic consequences could devastate the retirement prospects of some Baby Boomers, while permanently changing the attitudes of many more. Consider this: After years of hearing how 60 is the new 40, boomers are now being told that those as “young” as 60 have weaker immune systems and face greater risk from the novel coronavirus.

Jobs to be done too often look at people solely as individuals. Or, worse yet, only as customers. They don’t consider people in relation to their communities or to wider society. And society itself is ignored by design.

We’ve had enough. We must advocate for civic value, equity, the common good, public health, and the planet.

Mc Kinsey proposes Five leadership practices that can help you respond effectively:

  • The network of teams
  • The value of ‘deliberate calm’ and ‘bounded optimism’
  • Making decisions under uncertainty
  • Demonstrating empathy: Deal with the human tragedy as a first priority
  • Communicating effectively: Maintain transparency and provide frequent updates Crisis communications from

About teams, now is hard difficult without people with the right balance of technical and skills. Organize your Network structure to make your team productive is mobilize your organizations by setting clear priorities.

MC Kinsey: Leadership in a crisis Responding to the coronavirus outbreak and future challenges

Just as an organization’s senior executives must be prepared to temporarily shift some responsibilities from their command-and-control hierarchy to a network of teams.

Once leaders decide what to do, they must act with resolve. Visible decisiveness not only builds the organization’s confidence in leaders; it also motivates the network of teams to sustain its search for solutions to the challenges that the organization faces.

Changing processes and changing institutions is difficult, expensive and not fast. Online meetings has been a target of John Maeda

Talking one-to-many on the phone, it works well if it is a 1-way broadcast — but a teleconference is a “conference” versus a tele-pontification. Instead, the painfully chaotic dance that comes to happen on a teleconference call with many-to-many is the subject of a lot of great Internet humor. Videoconferencing is just as challenging because there is never a clear protocol on how best to take turns.

There’s an important balance to strike between async and sync modes of communication when working all-remote.

Maeda concludes that videoconferencing provides a vital means to strengthen a team in a distributed work environment. But it’s important to keep in mind that it is less about communicating, and more about bonding.

Matt Mullenweg thinks we won’t go back, after this Remote Work Experiment No One Asked For, we can listen him from TED: Why working from home is good for business.

First we will need to Treat Workers Like Adults and work as a distributed organization, allowing people take their own times.

Then is very important document all in one place and use collaborative tools. Matt gives money to the people built their own offices worldwide

Births will come after deaths. Condom shortage could lead to a baby boom.

Add condoms to the list of things that might be harder to find as more Americans shelter in place amid the coronavirus outbreak. There may even be a “coronavirus baby boom,”. Condomsales.com reported March 3 that stores were seeing “shortages in Singapore and Hong Kong.” The e-commerce platform Pinduoduo noted quarantine measures in China fueled a jump in sales of condoms and hair clippers, according to abacusnews.com.

Artificial Intelligence will find a vaccine and this will be the headline of the newspaper.

US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory(ORNL) has deployed the world’s most powerful and smartest supercomputer, IBM built Summit, in the fight to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus. In just 2 days Summit identified and studied 77 small-molecule drug potential compounds to fight against the COVID-19 (new Coronavirus).



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