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Quarantine in Barcelona. Week 3 and 4

Days go fast. From the 21st till the 29th had all gone.

This title is not exclusive nether qualitative, This post doesn't talk about just Barcelona. Barcelona streets are empty, like these pictures of Timeout, but not at all, there is people resistance that works to keep the health, clean, security and food to the city.

Barcelona during Covid

Despite the situation, cultural institutions had open Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà and Casa Museu Gaudí. One of the most waited exhibition would be the next 14th May, the opening of Neri Oxman, Material Ecology Online Exhibition at MOMA. And follow Cambio a la Serpentine Gallery of FormaFantasma. Serpentine and a lot of museums had moved a lot of content online.

New Challenges are ongoing thought the Covid, Massdesigngroup is looking for proposals, key themes are:

— Design for social distance, not social isolation
— Rethink material selection and treatment of surfaces
— Make your spaces breathe better
— Temporary shelters are never temporary
— Design for people, not just against pathogens

Easter Holidays has given a short pause, a pause to detach from our daily obligations to a sort of another mental state, maybe is the application of the Kübler Ross model that describes the feelings under a change.

Acceptance and recognition after the misery of a crisis.


The University and school closures had affected all the world, Under Unesco data we see more than 1,576,021,818 learners affected, the 91.3% of total enrolled learners in a 188 country-wide closures.


The Difference Between Emergency Remote Teaching and Online Learning has proven what Jonathan Zimmerman has called the Learning Experiment. One of the main important issues is not marks and evaluation, is to be more interested in learning than in grading.

I don’t mean what the students are learning; I mean what the institution as a whole can learn during this time about pedagogical innovation and transformation.

Good online teaching requires training, prep, and support. The current crisis provides none of that.

Despite the big amount of fo resources, a lot of institutions are putting online tools: UOC, Moma, Bloomberg Connect, Unesco, Xtec, Esdap



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Guillem Ferran

Guillem Ferran

Head of Product Design Course at Esdap Catalonia Design School. Campus Llotja. Empower entrepreneurs, products and ideas. Barcelona. http://guillemferran.com/