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Hannah Pratte
Nov 25, 2020 · 6 min read
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With the holidays in full swing, we always like to hit that pause button and take a moment to reflect on what we are most thankful for each year. At QuarkWorks, we are grateful for our hard-working team who always go above and beyond pushing our company forward. And, of course, a special thanks to all our past and current clients for trusting us with building your products, we would not be here today without you. Sincerely grateful, and we wouldn’t have it any other way with continuing this mission of building better software together!

It marks our third year of giving thanks, and as tradition goes, we are going to continue with having our team share with all of you what they are most thankful for in 2020. It’s been a challenging year for a lot of us, however there is always a silver lining to everything.

Happy Thanksgiving, and we hope you all get to celebrate this holiday with the people you care about!

I am thankful to everyone on the team; we could not have made it through this completely bonkers year without everyone digging in and giving 100%. I am grateful for my family and the time I get to spend with them. And finally, I am thankful for my smoker; it is a hobby with infinite variables.

Everybody on the team for making the transition to being remote so well!

Being able to work from home with my wife. Both of our work environments are temporarily remote and are able to spend more time together that we wouldn’t have.

An espresso machine, I never realized how easy it is to make lattes. Gosh do I overpay for those.

I’m thankful for the excellent team we have built. When key projects and revenue streams were upended from the covid situation in March, our entire team rallied around the problem and found a way to come back stronger than ever and I’m very proud of that. Everyone pitched in in one way or another and it was great to see.

Also coffee.

This year I am most thankful for having the privilege of working with such an amazing, intelligent, flexible, dependable, and supportive group of peers. Since I live alone, I cherish the time spent with you nerding out over every topic from Kubernetes to Politics. TY!

I am thankful for running. I really enjoy getting out after a day of work and getting some exercise and experiencing the beautiful outdoors, especially in the fall! There is no better way to clear my mind after a workday, and I always return feeling better than before.

Low calorie cream, 5 calorie per serving totally satisfy my sugar craving with no guilty 😄 , one of the best magic in the world!

Honestly, I would have to say, at the moment, the gym! It gives me a goal, and it’s one place I can go to relax and focus on something else. About 3 months ago, I started this 30-day plank challenge. After completing it, I decided to keep going, and now I’m on day 80! As you get older, you realize just how important it is to take time for yourself.

The second thing I am thankful for is our Corgi, Mushu, and Aussie, Booth. I swear, Mushu never has a bad day and always acts as if he is seeing me for the first time in months. Plus, he has such a spunky attitude that cracks me up all the time. His only downfall is that he is a shedding machine, which has led me to avoid wearing the color black. However, even with that one fault, I still LOVE that little shed monster of a dog! Booth holds a special place too. He is probably one of the most loyal, patient, and kind-hearted dogs you will ever meet. Even when Mushu is being a bit of a spaz, Booth always remains calm and collected around him. He sort of plays the role of the all-knowing, big brother. If you want to know the way to his heart, it’s FOOD! That dog becomes Einstein when locating it! I’m always amazed at this talent.

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Booth and his sidekick Mushu, enjoying life in the great outdoors together

I am thankful for living near my family. During the pandemic I’ve had the ability to get a better understanding of what a life without any social interaction would look like, but having my family live in the same city as me has been my saving grace. Without them I’m nearly certain I would be clinically insane right now.

Also I’m thankful for good people in general. 2020 has been a tough year but it’s been a year where I’ve seen so much empathy, care, and compassion for others that it truly makes me grateful for living in a time where so many good people exist, especially the people near me in my personal and professional life.

I am thankful for outdoor state parks. I like to go out there on the weekends and just clear my mind and enjoy nature. I am also thankful for college football and the excitement the games bring.

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to work from home during these tough times. It took a few weeks to become fully comfortable with it, but now I prefer it!

Right now I’m most thankful for my employment, when so many others don’t have the ability to work remote or even work at all. I’m privileged to work with a company that adapted to remote work quickly and effectively.

This is probably cliché but I am thankful for the team I get to work with at QuarkWorks, both at a company and group level. Our design team’s morning check-ins set a positive tone for the day and I’m lucky to be able to call my co-workers friends! Outside of work, I am thankful for my portable hammock. There’s nothing better than getting some fresh air while relaxing in the outdoors, particularly this year!

I am thankful for a podcast I found this fall: Pivot. It’s my new go-to for keeping up with and making sense of the news, while keeping me laughing. It has been very valuable, with everything going on!

This year was a bit rough, but it made me feel thankful for all the things I already have: family, friends, and a job doing what I love. I’m thankful that my coworkers have a sense of humor and can handle a little sass from me here and there. And most of all, I’m thankful to have such a great support system around me to still make the most of a socially-distanced year!

I’m most thankful for my community and my accessibility to education lately. Both are things I’ve been so used to for so long that, especially this year, I’ve taken them for granted. I have friends and family who take care of me and my well-being; I love them the most. Every day, I can get to the news, my coursework, books, videos, and art all from my bedroom; I want to take what I learn and work hard to give back to everyone who has supported me!

This also goes without saying, but I’m so thankful for the essential workers spending so much time fighting for us right now. To the doctors, nurses, public health officials, postal workers, food vendors, researchers, teachers, janitors, and everyone else: thank you, thank you, thank you. To the artists and entertainers helping people heal and find joy safely from the sidelines, too, thank you, as well! I really can’t thank you all enough.

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to work with such a great team at QW. Just over a year ago, I decided to change careers and learn to code without knowing if it would work. Now, after taking a lot of risks, I can happily say it was worth it!

As ever, QuarkWorks is available to help with any software application project — web, mobile, and more! If you are interested in our services you can check out our website. We would love to answer any questions you have! Just reach out to us on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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