QuarkWorks: Meet the Team Series — Abdulrahman Eldarrat

Hannah Pratte
Aug 30, 2019 · 3 min read

For this month, get to know one of our awesome team members who works on a number of our engineering projects over here at QuarkWorks!


Abdulrahman Eldarrat


Software Engineer

When did you join QuarkWorks and what led you to take on this position?

I joined QuarkWorks in June of 2018. The story, in short, is that I was visiting an engineer career fair at the University of Missouri, and noticed a booth for a very small company I’ve never heard of. After talking to Jacob Muchow, who was at the booth, I was instantly captivated by the fact that this company, although being small, was working on really cool projects that were being used by millions of users. Many of the companies they worked with were based in Silicon Valley, so the focus on quality software solutions was huge. Once I learned more, I was hooked on the idea that I could work on new ideas on the cutting edge of technology in a friendly family-oriented office where everyone was just as eager to learn to excel as I was.

What excites and energizes you about the company?

It’s really exciting to be part of a company, which is still defining itself and its role in the community. Another really cool aspect which gets me excited is the fact that we work with so many new projects, many of which are started in Silicon Valley.

What has been your favorite project to work on or are currently working on?

My favorite project I’ve worked on thus far has been an iOS app for a heavy machinery company, which I helped build in late 2018. The idea was to have an app that could control and automate a compaction process. Working in a small team of 4 electrical, mechanical, and software engineers, we built a working version within 6 months. Working with very intelligent engineers whom I learned a lot from, and building such a cool app really drove me to do my best and to learn more.

Advice you would give someone working at a startup?

Always be passionate about what you’re doing. Passion is what gets you up in the morning, what drives the yearning to learn, to grow, and to become a better version of yourself in every aspect of your life. Also, be open to learning about topics you might not think apply to you. Being a good listener is paramount to success in a startup, and the ability to put your ego away, and learn from someone more knowledgeable than you is the only way to get better. Obviously, there are so many other tips I could list on and on about, but I feel like these two are the cornerstones to being successful in a startup.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy reading about pretty much any topic out there like physics, statistics, medicine, geology, philosophy, and business. I also love to go hiking. Columbia is a great city with so many state parks, which are great for a scenic hike.

If you could pick up on a skill in an instant, what would it be?

If there was one skill which I could instantly master, I would choose the skill of meta-learning. In other words, mastering the art of learning. Once you have this skill, pretty much all other skills are attainable. It would just take time and some effort. In a way, this is sort of the same thing as wishing for unlimited wishes.

As ever, QuarkWorks is available to help with any software application project — web, mobile, and more! If you are interested in our services you can check out our website. We would love to answer any questions you have! Just reach out to us on our Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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