QuarkWorks: Meet the Team Series — Hannah Pratte

Hannah Pratte
Jun 20 · 5 min read

This month get to know one of our team members who handles a lot of our marketing campaigns here at QuarkWorks!

Hannah Pratte

Marketing Coordinator

I joined QuarkWorks during the late fall of 2017 after graduating from Mizzou. I was in search of something that would be challenging and allow me to grow. I like to do a variety of different things and I felt that QuarkWorks was a good fit for me personally. Seeing that they were a startup, and had that startup feel, definitely spiked my interest. I am approaching my second year working here and so far enjoying every minute!

Working for a startup means you get your hands on a variety of different projects and you’re entrusted with quite a bit right off the bat, so it gives you the opportunity to absorb a multitude of things. It has its challenges but the team members I work with are very driven and I like that. It gives me a reason to do better and push myself. Coming into work every day knowing that people are there to build something that they really care about is great motivation. In the little time that I have worked here, I have already seen so much change take place, which has been really cool to witness first hand.

Currently, I’m doing quite a bit with marketing and the challenges that go with growing our social media presence keeps me on my toes. Coming up with new content each week, observing how it performs, and exploring how other B2B businesses promote themselves has been interesting and insightful. We have a great team and it’s really fun and inspiring to see the different types of creative ideas everyone comes up with at our weekly meetups.

I did a bit of design work for this one startup. It was pretty simple but getting to go through that whole process was fascinating. I learned quite a lot about what goes into the brainstorming phase to eventually high fidelity wireframes. For me, the key take away from this experience was looking back at the first designs and being so proud of them, to comparing those to the final product and realizing I was no where near perfect. I remember thinking to myself, “How in the world did I think my first design pass good?” It definitely was one of those “Aha” moments!

I would say to try and stay focused on one task at a time and see it thoroughly through till the end. There can be a lot of outside noise that you will need to filter out, but realize when you should multi-task. Learn to prioritize what is most important and then work your way down. Finding that balance is important, otherwise you can burn out quickly. You also need to have that self-driven mentality when working at a startup.

Also listen more than you talk, especially to those who have been there, done that. Find a trusted mentor where you work and pay attention to their advice. This, in turn, will hopefully allow you to avoid some of the common pitfalls and save you a few future headaches. Depending on your position, sometimes you don’t have that luxury and you’re the one doing the pioneering. In this case, I suggest doing a lot of reading or listening to podcasts in that particular area. Ask your friend group if they know of someone who has experience in what you do, then go grab a cup of coffee with that person and pick their brain on best practices.

Outside of work, I’m pretty active and enjoy being outside any chance I get, weather permitting of course. I try to go to an occasional yoga class on the weekends. Columbia just recently had a new studio open up called Moon Yoga, and I am completely obsessed with it. The overall vibe you feel when you first walk in, to completing the practice, always puts me in the right state of mind. A few years back I got into weight lifting through a friend. I now regularly go with one of my co-workers to the gym and it’s great to have a second person tag along since we both tend to hold each other accountable. Eventually, I think it would be cool to get into kayaking and attempt to paddle up the Missouri River, but baby steps first.

Watching any cooking or baking show, especially Anthony Bourdain’s popular series Parts Unknown, is another way I like to pass my free time. I think he has such a unique way of incorporating food with people’s culture, history, and identity. It’s pretty intriguing how seamlessly he brings all of these components together in each episode. He will always remain in my book as the ultimate food/travel god. I do a bit of cooking and baking myself when I have the time. But to be completely honest, I think I am a much better baker than I am a cook. Another great series to watch is Chef’s Table. Every time I watch that show it makes me want to go to culinary school somewhere in France and become the next Julia Child or Eric Ripert.

If I were stranded on an island, the three things I could not live without are a yoga mat, coffee, and a yacht.

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