A Tutorial for QuarkChain’s PoSW Mining

Recently, both token holders and miners in QuarkChain community have been very active. On one hand, QKC holders wish to get more interests; on the other hand, miners hope the mining difficulty is lower. PoSW proposed by QuarkChain benefits both token holders and miners at the same time. Therefore, the miners and community members of QuarkChain have shown great enthusiasm for the PoSW mining model. However, some community members may still not know how to enjoy the high efficiency of PoSW and how to become one of the miners.

Don’t worry! The QuarkChain team members and enthusiastic community members made a tutorial for us. Professional miners and members who want to participate in the mining can both have a chance to enjoy mining on PoSW.

To summarize the PoSW mining tutorial: Tell the miners about your QKC wallet address you saved which meets the quantity requirements of mining, ask the miners to use it as a mining address, and then return the mining benefits to the miners regularly to mine.

The minimum effective staking amount of QKC on different shards (the second column from the right)

  1. Step-by-Step Tutorial: Setting up a QKC Miner with AWS:https://medium.com/quarkchain-official/step-by-step-tutorial-setting-up-a-qkc-miner-with-aws-d80f773e4ab6#TELEGRAM
  2. Official Tutorial on How to Use Docker: https://github.com/QuarkChain/pyquarkchain/releases
  3. How to Calculate Mining Reward: http://calc.quarkchain.io/
  4. GPU mining:For how to Setup GPU Mining for Ethash (shard 0,1,2,3), you can read more details here: https://github.com/jyouyj/ethminer. You’ll have to build the binary on your own or use the provided AMI on AWS (https://github.com/jyouyj/ethminer#aws-ami).
  5. GPU Mining Binary Release For Windows. https://github.com/jyouyj/ethminer/releases/tag/QuakrChain_Miner_Windows_Binary_Release.

Thanks for your support for QuarkChain. If you have other easy and user-friendly mining tutorials, you are very much welcomed to share with us. Wish to learn from our community members!




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