Additional 50,000 QKC Rewards Added to QuarkChain Game of DeFi Phase III: First Come First Served

Dear community members,

Are you happy with the Element Miner DApp game and QSwap we released yesterday? Have you won some rewards? In order to stimulate everyone’s interest in the challenge, we have decided to add a new challenge besides the mining lottery. After completing the challenge, you can get 1,000 QKC. It’s first come first served: only the first 50 players can get the rewards!

Challenge name: Element Miner all-element Level 5 challenge.

Challenge description: In the element miner game, the five elements are generated and restrained with each other. An increase in the level of an element will cause a decrease in the level of another element. The challenge here is to find a way to make the 5 elements mining levels reach Level 5.

Challenge procedure: Play the Element Miner DApp game, find a way to achieve Level 5 for all five elements, and then fill up the following form to tell us your wallet address that completed the challenge.

Reward settings: The first 50 players who finish the challenge will receive 1,000 QKC as rewards. First come first served based on the form submission order.

Challenge duration: now to the end of the Game of DeFi campaign.



  1. In order to prevent the subsequent mining operations from disrupting the current mining level balance, which will result in failure to pass the review and thus miss the rewards, we recommend all players use a new wallet address to continue mining after submitting the form.
  2. If you have any questions, please ask in the official telegram group at or the official developer community at, and our staff will answer.
  3. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to QuarkChain officials.



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