EVENT Review | Unibridge: A General-purpose Cross-chain Message Relay Hub

On October 25th, during Shanghai Blockchain Week, QuarkChain, Ontology, and Nervos jointly held a blockchain technology seminar titled EVM TECH MEETUP. QuarkChain core developer and technical lead Junjia made a speech at the event and participated in the panel discussion. Junjia introduced QuarkChain’s product design of the cross-chain information relay “Unibridge” with the help of EVM, an important tool of the Ethereum ecosystem, to provide the possibility for more cross-chain information exchanges in the future.

What is EVM:

EVM is an acronym for Ethereum Virtual Machine. Ethereum is a programmable blockchain. Ethereum allows users to create their own operations, which can be arbitrarily complex. Its core is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which can execute code of arbitrary algorithm complexity. Developers can use programming languages ​​(Solidity) that are syntactically similar to JavaScript and Python to create applications that run on the EVM.

At the event, Junjia introduced Unibridge from a design perspective. With the popularity of DeFi and the development of various public chains, more and more assets are being deposited on different chains, and problems such as decentralized liquidity and incomplete functions have created the need to connect various chain assets together, that is, cross-chain. However, the current cross-chain operations are still relatively complicated or inefficient, and security issues are often exposed. Therefore, a more secure and efficient set of cross-chain relays that can support more information will have great development potential.

At the same time, Ethereum, as the TOP 2 project, has a huge community developer base, and the Ethereum ecosystem has accumulated considerable resources and has been running stably for many years. The value of its open-source EVM has also been recognized by more enthusiasts, and there are more projects choosing to use EVM as the underlying virtual machine.

QuarkChain is optimistic about the prospects for the widespread use of EVM and has proposed a set of cross-chain message relay schemes based on EVM to design Unibridge. This platform will be open, programmable, pub-sub real-time programming model, and BFT security guaranteed. Developers can apply their own design ideas to this chain, rather than simply being limited to its original functional design. Relying on this set of designs, not only will it be possible to solve the problems of cross-chain asset transfer, cross-chain DAO decision making, GameFi/NFT integrations, and cross-chain liquidity mining in the future, there will also be more application scenarios and arbitrary cross-chain messaging will be more able to unleash the potential in the future’s multi-blockchain world.

After the speech, Junjia also participated in a panel discussion with Ontology and Nervos, and discussed some issues in the future development of EVM. He said, “We haven’t seen a design that can really use this kind of arbitrary cross-chain message to interact in the multi-chain world. And if such innovations can be realized, even if it is limited to the EVM Web3 field, something very interesting may appear.”




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