From Multi-chain and Cross-chain to Metaverse — QuarkChain “The Force District” Live Recap

QuarkChain Official
2 min readNov 17, 2021

On the evening of November 2nd, Beijing time, QuarkChain CMO and co-founder Anthurine participated in the “VM Smart Contract Discussion’’ online live event organized by The Force District. At the event, Anthurine shared with the audience QuarkChain’s cross-chain, metaverse, and future VM (Virtual Machine), especially EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) efforts in the future.

The full video can be viewed below. (Please note that the video is in Chinese and also please be aware to turn down your volume.)

With the development of DeFi, NFT, metaverse, and public chains, a certain amount of assets have been accumulated on each public chain. The question still remains, how can we break through the barriers to make the assets on the public chain flow better, and promote the development of cross-chain themes. Anthurine mentioned in the live broadcast that QuarkChain has gone from simple sharding scalability to today’s commitment to achieving cross-chain interoperability between all chains. The Unibridge, which is preparing to launch, will be based on the long-term coexistence of multiple chains and the need for mutual communication between the metaverses in the future and will turn Unibridge into a general-purpose cross-chain intercommunication solution. In the future, Unibridge will solve the problems of cross-chain asset transfer, cross-chain DAO decision making, GameFi and NFT integrations, cross-chain liquidity mining, and even have more scenarios. Arbitrary cross-chain messaging solutions will release more potential in a multi-chain world.

At present, QuarkChain core team members have repeatedly introduced Unibridge’s design goals and basic methods, and Unibridge’s development roadmap will be announced soon. QuarkChain has been developed to date and can support a variety of virtual machines, such as EVM, instead of just sharding scalability. In the future, it will develop into a general-purpose cross-chain message relay hub to build a bridge between chains, and build a wider blockchain world.