‘Game of DeFi’ Phase 2 Starts: Bidding Wins the Right to Mint Native Token, 0 Cost to Win 130,000 QKC

Earn QKC by issuing, minting, and playing your native tokens!

Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that QuarkChain Game of DeFi enters the 2nd stage. We will officially launch the “Fire and Ice — Native token” bidding activity at 6:00 pm (PST) on August 18! Nine-round activity of bidding the right to mint tokens will be held over three days. QKC is awarded to those who successfully compete in the challenging bidding and win the right to mint multi-native tokens. Moreover, the winner of bidding and minting tokens in each round will receive an additional award of 15,000 QKC!

What are multi-native tokens and the right to mint tokens? Please refer to the related introduction videos and articles:

Video: What is a multi-native token?

Read: How QuarkChain Multi-Native Tokens Change the DeFi Concept

In order to encourage everyone to actively participate in and get familiar with the multi-native tokens of QuarkChain, all participants who successfully participate in the bidding and complete the retweet task will be awarded 200 QKC regardless of whether they successfully bid or not! The winner will get an extra award. What’s more, the native tokens from bidding will play a very important role in the later game! Please pay attention to our announcement of follow-up activities to know the specific game rules.

Time: 8/18 6:00 pm — 8/21 5:59 pm (PST)

Activity Description:

  1. Bidding website: https://quarkchain.io/native-token-devnet/#/
  2. The bidding will last for three days, with each round for 8 hours, which means a total of 9 native tokens will be generated.
  3. Participants are required to bid with Test QKC (abbreviated as tQKC). There is only one winner in each round who will have the right to create the tokens from bidding. See the bidding process to know how to use tQKC to participate in the bidding:

4. Click here to see how to get tQKC information:

Bonus rules:

1. An award of 200 QKC will be obtained when you participate in the bidding, join QuarkChain telegram: https://t.me/quarkchainio, and retweet this article at your Twitter.

2. An additional 15,000 QKC will be awarded to those who win the bidding and successfully mint multi-native tokens.

Attention: This native token will play a very important role in the next phase of the Game of DeFi campaign. After winning the bid, please take care of the wallet used in the bidding.

3. The award will be sent to the address where you participated in the bidding at the end of this stage of the activity. Please make sure your devnet address is the same with your mainnet address.

If you have any questions, please ask in the official telegram group and the official technical forum, and our staff members will answer.

The official telegram group: https://t.me/quarkchainio

The official technical forum: (https://community.quarkchain.io/)



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