How Many Rewards Can A Voter Earn for the QuarkChain Guardian Plan?

It has been three weeks after QuarkChain Guardian Plan was announced. The amount of staked QKC has exceeded 50 million! Voting for Elf Guardians is still ongoing! However, It should be noted that approximately 18 million QKC are only staked without voting. Since a large part of the revenue will come from the rebate rewards from Elf Guardians, those who only stake without voting may suffer a heavy loss.

On the other hand, the question “how much QKC can I get after voting? “ was frequently asked in the community. Thus, we offer a detailed calculation method so that everyone is able to estimate how much QKC a voter is expected to receive. Welcome to participate in voting and staking! Just for kind remind: in order to earn more rewards, please remember to vote for Elf Guardians after staking QKC, otherwise, you will suffer a great loss.

Up to April 16, 12 candidates with more than 1 million votes have been elected as the Elf Guardians. Congratulations!

Rewards Pool Details:

Top 10 Elf Guardian candidates are listed as follows on April 16. Let’s take this ranking list as an example:

Total votes of Diamond Guardians (ranks 1–3) are given as follows:

Total votes of Platinum Guardians (ranks 4–10) are given as follows:

Rewards pool (Year) for Diamond and Platinum Guardians are both 8 million QKC. The rewards of the Elf Guardians for Term I will be doubled! Therefore, the actual rewards pool for either Diamond or Platinum Guardians within one term (2 months) are:

We take the first place (ABC Blockchain Community) and the fourth place (QKCMOON) as examples. They promise to rebate 80% of their total revenue to voters, then total rebate rewards for all voters are:

Total rebate rewards for all voters from ABC Blockchain Community:

4,919,733 / 13,302,953 * 2,666,667 * 80% = 788,955 QKC

The average revenue shared on one vote for ABC Blockchain Community:

788,955 / 4,919,733 = 0.16

Total rebate rewards for all voters from QKCMOON:

3,040,453 / 10,043,867 * 2,666,667 * 80% = 645,797 QKC

The average revenue shared on one vote for QKCMOON:

645,797 / 3,040,453 = 0.21

We can see from the above examples that ABC Blockchain Community is leading the race with the most votes. However, the average revenue shared on one vote is decreasing. Although QKCMOON ranks fourth place, each vote can be distributed with more rewards since they obtained relatively fewer total votes. Therefore, if one wants to earn more rewards, on one hand, vote for the candidates you trust most, and on the other hand, allocate your votes reasonably.

High rewards for voters! Do remember to stake and vote! The event is still ongoing and competition is fierce. Join now for early bird rewards!

Vote for Elf here:

Please fill the following Google form to apply:

For more details about Guardian Plan:

For more details about how to stake for votes, please click:

Notice: All the formulas for rewards and examples mentioned above are only for demonstration purposes. The actual revenue will display on the website. QuarkChain reserves the right to adjust the rewards and proportions according to the participation of the event.



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