Interview with Hackers From Blockchain Awakens Hackathon

The Blockchain Awakens Hackathon was successfully held by Google ABC on Aug. 4th — 5th in Silicon Valley. This event has attracted more than 20 blockchain celebrities’ attendee, including Whitfield Diffie, the Turing-Award winner and Father of Encryption, Professor Shoucheng Zhang, the discoverer of Majorana fermion, and Yi He, the co-founder of Binance. 23 teams and more than 120 engineers from top companies such as Google, Facebook, Uber, Linkedin and Amazon also joined the competition for the final laurel.

This hackathon selected three blockchain platforms and QuarkChain is very honored to be one of them (together with NKN and Hyperledger). 8 teams out 23 chose QuarkChain as their development platform.

We just opened QuarkChain’s official developer community on Discord. Feel free to join us and discuss up-to-date blockchain tech with hackers! Here is the invitation:

We interviewed one of the hacker teams — DOT (Decentralized Organization Token) recently. They shared their product, development experiences on top of QuarkChain and the expectation of blockchain industry.

DOT team members are all women engineers and designers:
Sharu Jiang, Software Engineer at Google Playstore Team
Jing Li, Software Engineer at Google Infrastructure Team
Jessie, UX Designer at Android, UX
Shuanglin Yin, Software Engineer at Google Gsuite Security Team
Yi Li, Software Engineer at Investgo

In the following, we share our interview information with DOT.

Q1: What’s DOT? How can we use DOT?

A1: DOT, short for Decentralized Organization Token, is a management tool for any kinds of organization. The members of the organization could use DOT to vote board members and fund projects. When people finish their work, they will get tokens as rewards and then use them to vote for next projects. The weight of vote is positively correlated with people’s token balance. It is a perfect mechanism to get this organization going. In addition, token holders can even get physical rewards as a kind of bonus. Now DOT tool is being improved for the future use within Google employees’ internal groups. Let’s wait for it!

Q2: Why do you choose QuarkChain?

A2: There are several reasons for us to choose QuarkChain.

  1. We need a permissionless chain to develop DOT since we want it to be secure, transparent, and decentralized.
  2. Considering the high demands of DOT in the future, we need high throughput for our service. Therefore, QuarkChain is our best option.
  3. We have multiple smart contracts in our product and running each of them will cost a lot of GAS fee. In this case, we prefer QuarkChain.
  4. QuarkChain is EVM-compatible, which means we can easily build our dApp interact with a smart contract on QuarkChain running on an EVM-compatible smart contract.

Based on those facts, we decided to use QuarkChain as our development platform.

Q3: Based on your team’s experience of using QuarkChain’s service and API, what kind of suggestions do you have for us?

A3: QuarkChain’s client library API is well-documented and easy to use. We could follow the steps to call API and build dApp on top of that. Some suggestions would be:

  1. Better integrated and user-friendly dev tools like Remix suite for QuarkChain
  2. Provide more examples in the documentation
  3. Better tooling for cross-shard contract operations (DOT is currently deployed on single shard)

Q4: Do you have any expectation for blockchain industry in general?

A4: We believe that blockchain technology can actually change our lives. For example, DOT is a new way to manage an organization and encourage all the members to contribute for the common goal. However, this kind of change will take time. We need a more mature blockchain infrastructure to support it. A fast, secure and decentralized chain is required for the future development. QuarkChain is on the right way to make a better blockchain industry.

There are other projects on the hackathon that build things on top of QuarkChain.

  1. Armada — Blockchain-based international supply chain system.
  2. Online advertisement system — Online business gets promoted by paying and will receive reward through smart contract by someone showing interest in his product.
  3. Real-estate system — House renting/sale system. Make transactions through the Smart Contract.
  4. Infraudable resume — Put every team member’s contribution on blockchain and make it unchangeable.
  5. Blockchain-based sale system — Transactions are through smart contracts. Anyone can write reviews and if those reviews are of high quality, reviewers can get tokens as the reward.
  6. Personal training monitor — Users need to set a certain amount of tokens in advance when they make training resolutions. Once they finish their goals, they will get money back. Otherwise, they will lose money and the money will be put into a money pool to reward those ninjas who finish their goals according to Game Theory.
  7. Love Chain — Generate customized online love notes.

The whole hackathon was a great success. We appreciate all teams for participating Blockchain Awakens Hackathon. For those who chose QuarkChain, we hope you can continuously support us in the future!

Again, we just opened QuarkChain’s official developer community on Discord. Feel free to join us and discuss up-to-date blockchain tech with hackers! Here is the invitation:


  1. Thanks for the suggestions from community members, we have started a new post in our official Reddit account ( to collect questions before each AMA. Please feel free to post your questions and suggestions there any time before AMA. (Every Saturday from 7PM to 8PM, PST)
  2. We opened our official Facebook account now! Welcome to post there, give us your feedback and ask us questions at!

Thank you for reading this interview! The QuarkChain community appreciates your support!





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