Million-QKC incentive activity is going on: QuarkChain multi-native token DEX and interesting mining and trading game launched

“Game of DeFi” held by QuarkChain has entered its third phase with the launch of multi-native token Uniswap — QSwap, as well as an interesting mining and trading game — Element Miner. Using them together is not only interesting but also allows users/players to experience the convenience brought by QuarkChain multi-native token. Furthermore, QKC awards are real.

The interesting mining and trading game — Element Miner

Element Miner is an interesting mining and trading game launched by Game of DeFi, in which there are 5 elements that mutually promote and restrict each other, corresponding to 5 tokens. Players can click the “mining” button on the page to mine these tokens. The goal of the game is to collect these five tokens and combine them to a gold coin to participate in the division of the jackpot three times a day. The jackpot is allocated every 8 hours, with39000QKC every day. The jackpot will be drawn by raffle, and the more gold coins the player casts, the higher probability the player can win.

Game time:

Aug 27, 7:00 pm PST to Sep 1, 6:59 pm PST

Reward method:

Automatic lucky draw in every 8 hours

1st reward x1, 6000 QKC per winner
2nd reward x2, 2000 QKC per winner
3rd reward x3, 1000 QKC per winner

Mining experience will be accumulated and upgraded when a certain value is reached. After upgrading, the mining efficiency will be improved. Players can increase the quantity of mined elements by using their mutually promoting elements as fuel. However, simply upgrading through mining, when the efficiency of mining on elements can be enhanced, the efficiency of mining mutually restraint elements will be reduced simultaneously. For example, if the water element is upgraded, the fire element will be more difficult to mine. Therefore, it will be less efficient to synthesize gold coins through self-mining, and it will be better for players to trade with each other. Hence, we need to use QSwap.

Multi-Native Token Uniswap — QSwap

QSwap can be considered as a multi-native token Uniswap. The main feature of QSwap is to support multi-native tokens. No additional authorization is required and various multi-native tokens can be used to pay the GAS fee (not just QKC), which can provide a better user experience and avoid unlimited account authorization while guaranteeing higher security. In addition, based on QuarkChain sharding technology, the fee can be significantly reduced.

Guide for Element Miner

All QPocket iOS users who want to participate in the Element Miner game, you need to download the latest version of Qpocket
on testflight, the one from the ios app store is not applicable to this game.

  1. The entrance for Element Miner is on the front page of the wallet.

2. Switch to the test network and apply for testing coins according to the prompts.

3. After officially entering the game, there will be a background story of the game at the beginning, and you can swipe right to the end and then click “start mining” to start the game.

4. The upper right corner of the game interface, there are the buttons for setting and exiting the game and the middle part is the interface to synthetic gold coins, where players can see the situation of synthesis and award sharing. At the bottom of the page are 5 element mines, and players can choose one to mine.

5. Enter the mining page. The upper left corner is the mining efficiency and mining history, and the upper right corner is the combustion function. Players can increase the efficiency of mining elements by using their mutually promoting elements. At the bottom of the page are clicking mining and offline mining functions. Click each “?” symbol and there will be hints.

6. Click the mining function and miners will start mining. Mining will be completed in a few seconds, and the mined elements will be directly into the player’s wallet. At the same time, the player’s mining experience value of this element will be increased, and when the value reaches a certain number, it will automatically upgrade to improve mining efficiency.

7. When the element mining proficiency reaches Level 5, mining can be performed offline, i.e., automatic mining can be done offline without any specific operation, and the profits will be collected after going online again. The production of mining will decrease with offline duration, and experience values for upgrades are not available.

8. When collecting all different 5 element tokens, you can use the synthetic gold coins to participate in the division of the jackpot. The more elements you have, the more you can exchange.

Operation instruction for QSwap

  1. Because the five elements mutually promote and restrict each other, it is difficult for one player to mine these 5 elements by himself/herself. Thus, QSwap is needed for trading, which is just the process simulation of DeFi operation for the multi-native token in the future.

4. In the transaction section, users can choose which token for the transaction and follow the prompts after confirmation.

5. Users can also provide liquidity for some currencies with insufficient circulation.

The trading operation needs to use testing network QKC as the Gas fee, and the acquisition method :

How to Get Test QKC (tQKC) Tutorial




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