QKC Staking to Get Smoothy Token (SMTY) — Summary & Withdrawal Guide

Dear community members,

We recently introduced an innovative stable coin swapping protocol Smoothy and held an event to stake mainnet QKC to obtain SMTY (Smoothy Token). The SMTY token for distribution are tokens owned by QuarkChain as an early investor.

Building the QuarkChain ecosystem is ongoing progress. DeFi and NFT will be our key areas in the near future. QuarkChain will continue to look for high-quality projects for investment incubation in order to create a solid and rich application ecosystem. We will hold similar activities in the future to share revenue with QKC holders.

Event Details

  • The total amount of QKC: 90,000,000 ($3M worth) — first come, first served
  • Total number of SMTY rewards: 60,000 SMTY $103,000 at the current (May 4) price of $1.72 (x3.5 of IDO price $0.5)
  • The ratio of QKC:SMTY is approximately:
    1500:1 — For every 1500 QKC you get 1 SMTY (calculated by number)


  • Transfer to smart contract time: April 21 ~ (Closed in 2 days)
  • Lock time: April 25 ~ May 5 0500 PDT (10 days)
  • QKC return and SMTY issuance: After 0500 PDT on May 5

*The picture below shows the QKC stake annualized corresponding to different prices of $SMTY

Guide for Rewards and QKC Withdrawal

  • All your staked QKC and SMTY rewards will be distributed after 05:00 PDT on May 5.
  • The below guide shows how to check your rewards and withdraw them.

1) How to Check Your SMTY Balances on BSC

Your address to receive SMTY on BSC is what we generated from your QKC staked address.

eg) if your QKC staked address is 0x148e7c83ed819c7f9ffc82461ca62854b50f7b4300008254,

the address to receive SMTY on BSC is 0x148e7c83ed819c7f9ffc82461ca62854b50f7b43

SMTY rewards will be sent to your participating address manually after 05:00 PDT on May 5.

1. BSC Scanner

Users can check their SMTY from bscscan by using the below url pattern: https://bscscan.com/address/add your address here

2. BSC Supported Wallets

Check your SMTY balances through any BSC supported wallets such as Metamask

2) How to Withdraw Your Staked QKC

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<QuarkChain Community>



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