QPool Is Now Live for Public Testing

With High Profits and No Commissions; Hash Power Can Change Between ETH and QKC Seamlessly

After all the preparation, QPool, a mining pool that supports the QuarkChain official mainnet, will be launched April 17, 2020. One can join the pool using any ETH mining machines. After joining the mining pool, normal miners do not need to build and maintain a full cluster; they also can save the extra cost of running the full cluster. Indeed, joining QuarkChain mainnet for mining will present to miners as a more convenient alternative with more stable income. QPool supports miners to change ETH mining and QKC mining with one simple click. There are no commissions during the public test period; users who participate in public testing will enjoy life-time free VIP technical support and we welcome all miners to join us!

Mining pool address: www.qpool.net

QPool aims to provide an easy-to-use experience for miners with transparent mining information and comprehensive technical support. During the period of public testing, we will impose no transaction fees. ETH miners can switch to mining QKC with just one click and we support Claymore mining. On top of that, we provide hash power calculation, real-time hash power display, hash power ranking, and so on in order to make the mining process more convenient and transparent. In the future, we will support more functions and provide smart contracts that help token holders and miners collaborate. Please see below for more details for our roadmap.

QPool supports QuarkChain’s PoSW (Proof of Staked Work) algorithm as consensus, which allows miners to earn more with fewer hash power through staked mining. At the moment, without staking,the reward on chain 3 and 4 are 1.5 times that of mining on Ethereum directly. In the state of staking, the rewards on each chain are far more than that of on Ethereum. Please see the figure below (you can view the real-time data on the homepage of the mining pool website).

Disclaimer: The rate of benefits in the screenshot is calculated when miners stake a full amount of token. Because of the dynamic changes of the network’s hash power and amount of staked token , the mining benefits may also change.

Highlights of QPool:

1. Zero commissions

2. Switch conveniently between ETHPool and QKCPool and between shards in 1 second

3. Better profit calculator with more functionalities

4. More stable and lower cost than full node

5. Enable Claymore mining and obtain more hash power

6. More technical support

7. Support in both English and Chinese

8. 24H hashpower chart and miners’ leaderboard of the pool

9. Timely hashpower list

10. All Rewards can be checked on BlockChain

11. Modern user interface that supports both English and Chinese

Planning for future releases:

1.0 (Current version): Allow participation of miners and realize stable mining

  • Display useful analytics data including difficulty level of each shard, the minimum and maximum quantity of QKC stakes, comparison of rewards compared to ETH
  • Provide a well-functioning mining profit calculator
  • Provide GPU mining pool nodes on shard 0–5
  • Provide information on hash power, profit, and block production

2.0 : Provide CPU mining nodes and more comprehensive functions

  • Monitoring data related to miner and mining machines
  • Provide CPU Mining pool nodes
  • Support StakingPool smart contracts
  • Support open source codes

3.0: Open participation for token holders and pair token holders with miners freely

  • Provide technical support for members
  • Provide pairing for miners and token holders
  • Provide asset management products related to StakingPool contracts

QPool Website: www.qpool.net

Technical Support:

To learn more about:




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