QuarkChain 2022 Yearly Report

Product Development Update:

Ecosystem Update

New Partnerships:

QuarkChain partnered with a number of projects to better build QuarkChain’s ecosystem.

- Encentive: Encentive is the world’s first Fiat-DeFi integrated Web3 SAAS platform. Encentive will cooperate with QuarkChain in the deployment of Web3 applications including DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and more. (Link)

- WITH: WITH is a Blockchain-based sports data platform. QuarkChain will cooperate with Project WITH in the fields of NFT and DID. (Link)

- RocketX:RocketX Exchange partners with QuarkChain, supports QKC token and aims to support the “QuarkChain network” on RocketX exchange in the near future. (Link)

- Handy Labs: Handy Labs is a blockchain-based forecasting platform with 3.6M users. QuarkChain and Handy Labs will cooperate in blockchain technology, cross-marketing, and more through the partnership. (Link)

- VIW is an NFT verification technology provider. QuarkChain will work with VIW for NFT security and NFT authentication..

- SwapSpace: SwapSpace is a crypto exchange aggregator offering 17+ services for cross-chain swaps (Link)

New listings and more wallet supports QKC: Binance and more.

QuarkChain x web3://, powered by EthStorage is available at http://w3link.io

You can now browse web content on QuarkChain using web3:// access protocol. Web3:// access protocol’s features are:

The testnet is live — Visit the faucet page to get testnet tokens to start building!

QuarkChain proposed setting up the QuarkChain Eco Fund to work together with partners and communities to build a robust ecosystem.

In order to promote innovation and the development of an on-chain ecosystem, QuarkChain foundation raised the proposal of inviting funds and partners to jointly set up the QuarkChain Eco Fund. This fund focuses on on-chain application investments in the fields of DeFi, NFT, GameFi, cross-chain bridge, metaverse, etc.

We always welcome everyone to join in the development of the QuarkChain ecosystem, and we are willing to provide financial and technical support to teams with unique ideas, even through market uncertainty. Feel free to contact us to jointly create the future of the QuarkChain ecosystem.

More details can be found here.

Marketing and Events Update:

Introduced Binance Referral program that users can invite friends and earn 10% commissions.

QuarkChain introduced Binance Referral program for users to experience a new way of earning crypto without trading by inviting your friends to join the Binance community.

For every new user successfully referred to Binance, the referrer will receive a commission on fees anytime the new referred user trades on Binance.

You can also give your friends a discount on trading fees when they sign up using this specific link. https://accounts.binance.com/en/register?ref=SJUXMZQG


Qi Zhou, the founder of QuarkChain became a member of Forbes Technology Council

Qi Zhou became a member of the Forbes Technology Council — a platform to reach/educate more international audiences about Web3 technologies including Ethereum, data availability, sharding, web3:// access protocol, EthStorage.io, etc.

This is an invite-only organization and only respected tech leaders are selected for the council based on their deep knowledge and diverse experience in the industry.

Learn more: Link

QuarkChain and QKC were selected by several organizations as one of the top promising projects

For more information, please visit QuarkChain community below:

<QuarkChain Community>



QuarkChain provides a secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS

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