QuarkChain and Amazon Web Service reached in-depth technical cooperation and launched the Enterprise BaaS Platform

Recently, QuarkChain reached in-depth technical cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and launched an Enterprise of the high-performance and highly flexible “Blockchain as a Service” (BaaS) one-stop application platform on AWS. The clients can build applications with higher availability and more customized applications on the platform. QuarkChain has reached formal cooperation with the environmental management department of a local government in a western province of China in recent days. The two parties have begun to jointly develop an environmental governance blockchain platform based on the Baas service. The platform will be first applied to construction resource management and trade business in some provinces of western China. In the future, millions of active partners, enterprises, and entrepreneurs who use AWS will be expected to rely on the QuarkChain Enterprise BaaS Platform to realize value on the blockchain.

The QuarkChain Enterprise BaaS Platform on AWS is based on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). The platform includes network and block browsers, used for data storage and certification on-chain, smart contract deployment and operation, on-chain data query, and other functions. It uses Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) to realize data persistence and help enterprise clients reduce management costs. Through standardized APIs, enterprise terminal applications can flexibly and efficiently call various smart contracts to realize the docking of enterprise solutions and blockchain systems, and all data is uploaded to the public chain through the interface system.

QuarkChain independently developed a flexible heterogeneous sharding blockchain system, which can use different consensus mechanism, ledger models, virtual machines, and token economics on multiple chains, and the heterogeneous sharding blockchain system can provide a multi-level permission control on “consortium chain + public chain” system. It can ensure that the Enterprise BaaS Platform can meet the needs of more industry fields. Enterprises and independent developers from different fields can customize the application according to their different needs.

After years of research and development, QuarkChain’s achieved a “heaven and earth” progress recently: the BaaS service runs on the “cloud” (AWS), and several signed corporations lead to a commercial landing. In addition to the environmental governance platform mentioned above for construction resource management and trade business in some provinces of western China, the company also participated in building the underlying architecture of a national blockchain project. More new projects will rely on the Enterprise BaaS Platform to provide services.

“Blockchain solution services need to have better performance and lower deployment costs, but it is also important to meet the regulatory standards,” said Dr. Zhou, Founder and CEO of QuarkChain. “With the AWS cloud network, the reliable and stable service of us can be delivered anywhere all over the world while achieving compliance and controllability.

After the Enterprise BaaS Platform launched, QuarkChain will enable the high-performance and highly flexible Enterprise BaaS Platform to serve more clients and develop more AWS-based blockchain applications.

As the world’s leading blockchain technology company, QuarkChain has been a representative of the blockchain industry last year and was one of the only two companies in the world invited to participate in the 2019 Amazon AWS Technology Summit. This year, QuarkChain was invited again to participate in the Amazon AWS Technology Summit in September, at the same time, QuarkChain will display the demo of the Enterprise BaaS Platform and bring more application cases.

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