QuarkChain BD Director Xi Xie: Watching a Science Fiction Film Called “Blockchain”

Face-to-face Interview №2

Xi Xie has always been God’s favored child from very little, with excellent grades and outstanding performance. After she graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a Bachelor’s degree,Xie decided to pursue her graduate studies. She received her Dual Master’s Degree from Ecole des Mines de Douai in France and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

After graduation, Xie worked for the supply chain procurement department of Decathlon,the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. She worked as a procurement manager responsible for its knitwear department across Greater China Region and accumulated extensive experience in enterprise operation management and supply chain procurement.

The first thirty years of Xie’ life had been running smoothly without a hitch. Having been in the supply chain field for five years, Xie had little knowledge of blockchain. Not until during a casual chat with Anthurine (QuarkChain CMO), did Xie realize that such an innovative technology had come up. At the same time, a bold but determined idea popped into her head, “Blockchain industry is so cool and I need to join in!”

Devoting Herself to Blockchain

Due to her professional training, Xie is as adept as other female engineers with science and technology background. At the same time, she is obsessed with technology. When talking about the reason why she joined QuarkChain, she pointed out the main reason: her deep admiration for QuarkChain’s technology.

“We have a very strong technology and I can talk about it for three days! ” Xie claimed proudly, “ To summarize it in one sentence, we are NO.1 among all the public chains and our state sharding technology can advance with time to face the future.”

Before she joined QuarkChain, Xie had deep conversations with QuarkChain’s three co-founders ( CEO Qi Zhou, CBO Ting Du, CMO Anthurine) several times and agreed with each other’s ideas. “ As for joining startups, following the right leaders is especially important,” Xie said.

Switching from the largest sporting goods retailer in the world to blockchain industry, it’s a huge turn for Xie’s career path. As for her career development, Xie expressed her focus on getting to know new things and embracing new challenges.

“In a new environment, I enjoy great fun and self-achievement. Engaging in blockchain industry is in accordance with what I have been pursuing.”

In 2018, Xie left Decathlon and began to work as the Director of Business Development(BD) for QuarkChain,starting a new chapter in her career path.

Fulfilling Core Mission to Build QuarkChain’s Ecology

According to Xie, the core mission of business department is to build QuarkChain’s eco-construction,gathering projects like Dapp, public chain tool development, IoT related public chain, encryption,cloud computing and so on. Only by collaborating with each other on QuarkChain can it realize the value of public chains. At the same time, Xie expressed that blockchain is a quite new industry and they also needed to do some relevant research. “ We need to conduct research in various industries to get a deep understanding of how blockchain can be applied broadly.”

Based in China, Xie has a profound understanding of the blockchain’s domestic development. Xie expressed that there have been favorable policies for mainland blockchain development and the governments of major provinces and cities are also encouraging and supportive. “Blockchain is an important track after AI and big data, nobody wants to fall behind.” At the same time, technology giants have been planning their blockchain projects and the competition is turning white-hot. In Xie’s opinion, blockchain technology is still in the exploratory phase and different industries have different ideas. Currently the largest demand of this industry is more open research and exploration.

Having been established for over one year, QuarkChain has achieved a lot in business development. According to Xie, QuakChain has more than 80 eco-projects at present and its ecology has taken shape with abundant ecosystem. It’s evolving toward a more complete and mature direction.

A Science Fiction Film Invitation

When talking about the future development of the blockchain industry, Xie said that like all the industries, many excellent projects would come up continuously in different subdivisions of blockchain industry. “ If we only talk about public chain projects, I believe that there will be only a few good public chains left in the future.” According to Xie, QuarkChain has the strength to stand out from all the public chains and succeed until the last.

“QuarkChain is a state sharding project and our greatest feature is flexibility. Each shard can adopt different VMs, ledger models, consensus mechanisms and token economies. With the changing of the blockchain technology, the core of QuarkChain is also self-renewing and advancing. At the same time, different industries have different requirements and only a combination of chains can satisfy the multiple requirements of different industries.” Xie added, “I hope that QuarkChain will follow the industry trends and its own road map to succeed until the end.”

Xie also said that QuarkChain is a global project and the main emphasis of business development will continue to be deployed globally in the future. As for the recent work in business development, Xie said, “QuarkChain’s consensus is quite special, it is PoSW which combines the advantages of both PoW and PoS. Recently we have been contacting different mining pools to join us. After the preliminary communication with them, their responses are positive.”

In her spare time, Xie loves watching movies, especially science fiction movies. “ After I joined QuarkChian, every time when we are envisioning the scenes that blockchain technology can be applied at and the innovations it can bring to the whole world, I feel like I’m watching a super fantastic science fiction film.”

“Finally, I have a recruitment advertisement, our business department is hiring now! If you are interested in blockchain, welcome to join us and watch the “blockchain” science fiction film together!” Xie laughed with open arms to show the welcome.

Interviewee Introduction

Xi Xie, Director of QuarkChain Business Department

Before joining QuarkChain, Xie worked for the supply chain procurement department of Decathlon as a procurement manager responsible for its knitwear department across Greater China Region and accumulated extensive experience in enterprise operation management and supply chain procurement. Xie received her Bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University and then received her Dual Master’s degree from Ecole des Mines de Douai in France and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

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