QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: May 31 — June 13, 2019

Welcome to the 33rd QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report for the period from May 31 to June 13.

# Core Updates

## Added

  • Supported fetching transactions by address with a specific native token ID
  • Updated mainnet bootstrap nodes, docker building, and cluster start-up instructions
  • Updated QuarkChain JSON-RPC API documentation
  • Supported P2P discovery-only mode to reduce the workload of bootstrap nodes

## Updated

  • Changed transaction pool to allow transactions with greater nonce than the current state, which allows clients to send future transactions in a batch
  • Improved the bootnode health check tool by only confirming bonding processes with bootnodes instead of allowing other peers bonding with themselves

## Fixed

  • Discovered P2P stale routing entries in bootnodes and proposed a repair plan for the underlying Kademlia protocol

Recently, we published the first community governance on the topic of “Whether to accelerate all delayed token” since the establishment of QuarkChain Community. This governance has received support from community members. 99.6% of Community Members Agreed to unlock the all delayed tokens in advance at once. The development of the project will be driven by QKC holders, which will also be a precursor for QuarkChain to move towards decentralization and pave the way for the community autonomy in the future. With the development of the project, community members will be no longer simply QKC holders but have more opportunities to participate in and support it directly.

Tokocrypto is a reputable Indonesian exchange that supports the local currency. Being community focused and dedicated in building the blockchain ecosystem in Indonesia, Tokocrypto has grown to become the leading digital exchange in Indonesia within a year since 2018. Indonesia crypto trading is still at its growth stage but its growth is very strong. Already, the crypto trader population is known to outnumber the stock trader’s population. QuarkChain hopes to strengthen its influence in the South East Asian regions and is collaborating to create new businesses with Tokocrypto.

Ms. Naree has joined QuarkChain Korea as its new Marketing Director. She has extensive marketing experience from traditional industries to the blockchain industry. From experience in Hyundai Department Store, Yulchon (5 big law firms in Korea) and three different blockchain projects such as payment, rewards, and DID projects — she has amassed expertise in a full spectrum of marketing from the digital, offline, community, viral and so on. She also worked in a search firm in the US for a year. Naree obtained her bachelor degree in Business fromEwha Woman’s University.

QuarkChain CBO Participated in Binance Meeting in Russia

On June 4, Binance held a global meeting in Moscow, which coincided with the first anniversary of the QKC debut listed on Binance. QuarkChain CBO Du Ting was invited to participate in the conference. He gave a keynote speech on the topic of “After mainnet launch: scalability, flexibility, and interoperability” in public and participated in a round table discussion. Together with the local Russian ambassadors, we communicated with the blockchain technical enthusiasts and conveyed the concept of QuarkChain to more Russian users. We introduced the features of QuarkChain, such as more flexibility, high flexibility, and no need of forks.

QuarkChain 1-year Anniversary of Listing

It has been one year since QKC listed in Binance, Gate.io, KuCoin. We have made a lot of achievements in the past year such as open source, and mainnet launch. There is still a long way for the blockchain industry to go, but we believe it is a glorious yet difficult task. It is full of challenges and hard enough to test the comprehensive skills of the project.

“Next Generation POW Public Chain” Workshop

QuarkChain Scientist Dr. Yaodong Yang will attend the workshop, “Next Generation POW Public Chain”. During the discussion, he will share his opinion about the possibility of next-generation public chain development.

  1. We opened QuarkChain’s official developer community on Discord. Please feel free to join us and discuss up-to-date blockchain technologies with other hackers. Welcome! https://discord.me/quarkchain
  2. We also started a new post in QuarkChain’s official Reddit Account. We will collect questions before AMA. Please feel free to post questions and suggestions on Reddit.









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