QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: Oct.06— Oct.18

Welcome to the 16th QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report for the period from Oct. 06 to Oct. 18.

1. Development Progress

  • Drafted the first version of the implementation for Order-Statistics-Based Hash Algorithm, which proved to have comparable performance for both general purpose CPU and FPGA.
  • Provided docker resources for building QuarkChain clusters, which facilitate environment set-up for TPS competitions.
  • Implemented guardian mechanism for root chain mining, so that at the beginning stage of QKC mining, only authorized parties can effectively participate in mining root blocks, which will ensure the safety of the network.
  • Adopted p2p discovery protocol implementations from py-evm, which is listed as official implementation for devp2p.
  • Plan to run a modified version of devp2p v5 discovery with forward-compatibility for upgrades in the future.
  • Bug fixed and development environment improved.
  • Added code coverage reporting for critical paths.
  • Fixed gas estimation inaccuracies.
  • Migrated p2p module to be PyPy3.5 v6 compatible.

2. Recent Posts

Motivated by Ethash, Dr. Zhou proposed an algorithm that aims to lower the ASIC acceleration from another aspect — by lowering the benefits of parallelization offered by ASIC. In the new article, Dr. Zhou introduced the idea of Order-Statistics-Based Hash Algorithm, which tries to break the pipeline and makes the code execution path to be more random.

As QuarkChain CBO, Mr. Du Ting said, “50 years are long, you have already past half of your life; 50 years are not long, at least you have experienced the fastest 20 years of Internet development. After 50 years, at 2068, the blockchain technology will gradually spread inside the second stage of the Internet, becoming another protocol like the Internet/TCP protocol, which is Value Protocol or we can call it the Trust Protocol.”

3. Events

From Oct. 6 to Oct. 7, QuarkChain, IBM, Ontology, and Aikon held the World Blockchain Hackathon — the only multi-chain hackathon held during California and SF Blockchain Week. Many hackers designed and built Dapps on QuarkChian’s public chain. the WellCoin Group lead by Siva Rai designed a decentralized Dapp about healthcare.

On Oct. 9, 2018 CEO Dr. Zhou, Zhaoguang Wang — head engineering, Junjia He — software engineer organized a workshop. They explained QuarkChain’s infrastructure design, and how it works. Also, they gave an example, and provided a guidance on how to build Dapps based on QuarkChain.

At the same day of Oct 9, 2018, Dr. Zhou attended a panel on sharding technologies organized by Google ABC BlockChain Community — a group of Googlers who are interested in blockchain technologies, and discussed sharding strategies for best blockchain scalability. Dr. Zhou shared QuarkChain’s innovation and the major contributions to blockchain sharding.

On Oct.15.2018, Quarkchain host our first meetup at Seattle. Dr. Zhou discussed what the blockchain industry needs to look at some of the biggest challenges in achieve mass adoption of blockchain and how those challenges can be overcome.

First Meetup at Seattle

On Oct.16, Dr. Zhou attended Blockchain NW Summit and made a presentation at the main stage. Dr. Zhou discussed the next-generation Scalable Blockchain and introduced the key challenges of the blockchain, and demonstrated how QuarkChain addresses these challenges and provide a possible solution that achieves decentralized, secure, and scalable permission-less blockchain technology and delivers high on-chain TPS.

NW Summit

Dr. Zhou has been interviewed by CrushCrypto, Db crypto, ICO Drops and talked about QuarkChain recent achievements and announcements, and also the future plans of QuarkChain. During the interviews, Dr. Zhou also explained the change of QKC Token Release plan, QuarkChain open source announcement, testnet and mainnet, QuarkChain 2.0, and future milestones on the roadmap.

Andre Cronje wrote an in-depth review of QuarkChain recently open-source codes, and gave a high evaluation for the development progress. As Andre Cronje said, the design that allows for concurrent smart contract execution is really great.

QuarkChain TPS Competition has started for 20 days. For the past week, we have already received many submissions. Up to Oct.13th, the tenth place’s TPS is 3267.40 and the third place’s TPS is 8230.42. Please click HERE for the full list. Please remember the submission deadline is Oct.31.2018.

4. FYI

  1. We opened QuarkChain’s official developer community on Discord. Please feel free to join us and discuss up-to-date blockchain technologies with other hackers. Welcome! https://discord.gg/aZDWcwV
  2. We also started a new post in QuarkChain’s official Reddit Account. We will collect questions before AMA. Please feel free to post questions and suggestions on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/quarkchainio/
  3. We also worked on our Facebook Page and started our first Facebook Live, please follow us. https://www.facebook.com/quarkchain/

Thanks for reading this report. QuarkChain always appreciates your support and company.




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