QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: Oct 18 — Oct 31, 2019

Welcome to the 43rd QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report for the period from Oct 18 to Oct 31. For the past two weeks, we announced plenty of news and attended many events.


  • Finished the design of auction, issuance, and gas conversion mechanism of multi-native tokens
  • QuarkChain and P2P Business Solution Company Vera Formed Strategic Partnership
  • Crypto APIs and QuarkChain have signed an MOU.
  • QuarkChain engineer team participated in Blockchain Event hosted by Tsinghua University and gave a lecture.
  • QuarkChain Korea team attended multiple expositions and did panel talk.

Development Progresses

# Major Updates

## Added

  • Supported customizing coinbase addresses in mining pool with user request
  • Supported gas estimation of cross-shard contract call
  • Added filter of minor blocks’ create time to improve security

## Updated

  • Finished the design of auction, issuance and gas conversion mechanism of multi-native tokens
  • Started integration test for mining pool with staking pool contract
  • Improved explorer PoSW page in mobile display

## Fixed

  • Fixed getLogs parameter of block height in JSON-RPC request


QuarkChain and P2P Business Solution Company Vera Formed Strategic Partnership

Quarkchain will work with Vera to create an efficient, scalable, and decentralization platform that provides more practical functionality that would benefit the entire system. Moreover, these functionalities would be scalable and accommodating for future expansion and technology upgrades.

Crypto APIs and QuarkChain have signed an MOU

In the future, the two sides will take win-win cooperation and mutual benefit as the guidelines for action. Two sides will jointly build a richer, developer-friendly blockchain developer ecology for users, and will create value for industries.


10/16- 18 Blockchain Seoul 2019

Blockchain Seoul 2019 is the nation’s largest blockchain business exposition that gathers companies and blockchain experts from all over the world, sparking deep discussions on recent industry trends, future directions, and outlook. Korea team attended this event, and Jonathan, head of Korea introduced QuarkChain’s state sharding technology.

10/18 AMA in Gate.IO Telegram group

Jonathan, Head of Korea introduced QuarkChain technology and enterprise solutions in Gate.IO telegram group.

10/21- 23 STS&P 2019 in Korea

STS&P held in Korea from October 21–23, 2019. During the panel discussion, Jonathan Kim, QuarkChain Head of Korea, said that QuarkChain can contribute to the sustainable development of the international community in two ways during the panel discussion. READ MORE.

10/23 Blockchain Event hosted by Tsinghua University

“High-performance Scalable Blockchain and Its Application in the Network”, hosted by Tsinghua University Student Blockchain Association, concluded successfully. Ping Ke, head of research and technological development at QuarkChain, was invited to participate in the event and talked with the audience with the theme of “high-throughput heterogeneous blockchain technology”. He introduced how the Boson consensus, pioneered by QuarkChain solve problems in the Blockchain area. READ MORE.

10/24 Global Financial Expo 2019 in Korea

On October 25, Quarkchain attended a panel talk on the blockchain industry at the “2019 Global Financial Expo,” Korea’s largest financial exhibition hosted by Korea Economic TV.

The event attracted more than 10,000 visitors for two days, and a large number of leading financial institutions including domestic banks, securities, and insurance participated.

In this panel talk on the blockchain, Jonathan Kim, head of Korea at QuarkChain, shared his ideas on the current status of the industry and the future of it with representatives from Ethereum Classic Labs, Hanbitco, MakerDAO.

10/26 Gate.IO Korea Local Meetup

On the 26th, Jonathan Kim, head of Korea at QuarkChain, gave a guest speech at Gate.io meetup. Through the presentation, Mr.Kim introduced QuarkChain’s Boson Consensus, cooperative mining, and onboarding Dapps.

10/26 BitZ Local Meetup in Hang Zhou

BitZ Local Meetup in Hang Zhou ended successfully. QuarkChain investment director Shuai Sun shared experiences of blockchain applications and discussed with other experts on how to use blockchain to empower the real economy.

Upcoming Event

10/28–11/03 SF Blockchain Week

SF Blockchain Week is where blockchain startups, enterprise companies, academics, developers, and investors from around the world come together to define the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

10/31 NCC Group Cryptography Services Meeting

Cryptography Services Meeting will be held by NCC Group during SF Blockchain week. NCC Group is an information assurance firm. QuarkChain CEO Dr. Zhou and the engineering team will attend this meeting. They will offer ideas on network security, encryption, and how QuarkChain can use technology to solve and avoid problems.

11/1 U.S-China Blockchain Gaming Investment Summit

2019 U.S.-China Blockchain Gaming Investment Summit will focus on the new applications in the industry, providing a forum for people to share inspiring insights and present excellent projects, enhancing the communication between different fields. QuarkChain CEO Dr. Zhou will attend this event as a speaker, and he will talk about new opportunities in the gaming market.

11/2 ABC CTO Party

ABC CTO Party will be held by the Google ABC Blockchain community. QuarkChain CEO and Founder, Dr.Zhou was invited and he will participate in this event as Chief Technology Officer from the most respected blockchain projects.

11/8 2019 Global Blockchain Conference in Wu Zhen

The 2nd World Blockchain Conference in Wuzhen will be held on November 8–9, 2019. This conference will bring together global experts and scholars, opinion leaders, popular project founders from blockchain, digital assets, AI, 5G field. With the theme of “Application Without Boundaries”, the conference will focus on the blockchain application landing, technology frontier, industry trends, and hot issues. QuarkChain CBO Duting will attend the event.

Thanks for reading this report. QuarkChain always appreciates your support and company.










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