QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: Sep.21 — Oct.05

Welcome to the 15th QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report for the period from Sep. 21 to Oct. 05. For better communications with our community, we’ll be updating our progress bi-weekly.

1. Newest Article

1.1 Sharding in QuarkChain: Boson Consensus

With partitioned sub-states and the operations (transactions) to change the sub-states (including both in-shard transactions and cross-shard transactions), the next major question is how to implement an efficient system to store the sub-states and process the transactions. In this article, Dr. Zhou presented QuarkChain’s Boson consensus algorithm to store the sharded state and process transactions in a decentralized, secure, and scalable way. He proposed a two-layer blockchain and illustrated BP’s incentives and fork-choice rule (rootchain-first consensus). More Detail.

2. Event

2.1. TPS competition

QuarkChain has started a one-month TPS competition, which will offer a total 2.4BTC pool for the top 10 hackers. Participants who successfully build a QuarkChain test by running their own nodes/clusters, and achieve the peak TPS by running the provided load test will be the WINNERs of the game. Everything you need to run clusters, start load test, and collect results are covered in the doc.

2.2. Crypto Bazar Hackathon2018

After one-month competition, Crypto Bazar Hackathon 2018 September Match just finished. More than 100 hackers from 6 countries around Russia joined this Hackathon. QuarkChain selected the first, second, and third place from more than 20 projects. Those projects are: “MapChain: Create or join a quest anywhere in the world ”;“ ICO Framework for QuarkChain — Create crowdsale and token contracts in one click”;“Quarkit — Comprehensive QuarkChain ICO toolkit ”

Crypto Bazar Hackathon 2018 September Match

2.3. Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum

From Sep. 29 to Sep. 30, 2018, Dr. Qi Zhou, founder and CEO of QuarkChain, participated in the panel discussion in SVIEF at Santa Clara Convention Center. Over 10,000 professional attendees and more than 150 high tech innovative ventures have showcased their latest products and technologies. Dr. Zhou shared his opinion about blockchain’s future and how QuarkChain addressed the scalability problem. In addition, QuarkChain won the Top 30 Innovation Award of SVIEF 2018 for our outstanding technology and rapidly growing ecosystem community.

SVIEF at Santa Clara Convention Center

2.4. Blockchain Edge Talk

On Sep. 22.2018, Dr. Qi Zhou gave a technical speech at BiRoot Blockchain Edge Talk, and discussed “Key Challenges of Blockchain Sharding and Solutions”. During the talk, Dr. Zhou discussed the history of blockchain scalability problem and potential solution — sharding. He explained the key challenges of blockchain sharding from the perspective of system state partitioning, consensus, and interoperability. Dr. Zhou demonstrated how QuarkChain addressed these challenges and provided a promising solution that achieves decentralized, secure, and scalable permissionless blockchain technology and delivers high on-chain TPS.

2.5. HK meetup

On Sep. 27, 2018, Ms. Anthurine Xiang, CMO of QuarkChain, Mr. Jonathan, Head of Korea of QuarkChain, and Mr. Ting Du, CBO of QuarkChain introduced QuarkChain 2.0 at Hong Kong meetup: Using blockchain sharding technology to build a flexible and scalable infrastructure that could incorporate state-of-the-art blockchain innovations, and satisfy the needs from a variety of industries.

HK Meetup

2.6. 500 startup podcast

On Sep. 24.2018. Dr. Qi Zhou attended 500 startup podcast and spoke at Blockcrunch. 500 startup is a VC firm on a mission to discover and back the world’s most talented entrepreneurs,Dr. Zhou introduced the specific challenges facing sharding and how QuarkChain addresses these problems. Through this interview,more audiences understood QuarkChain’s vision — Enable everyone to use blockchain technology anytime and anywhere.

3. Development Progress

  • Built QuarkChain environment-ready AMI (Amazon Machine Image) ami-03845bc95e90d1c12 in AWS region us-west-2, to allow users of AWS to run node and participate in TPS competition.
  • Provided user-friendly step-by-step instructions to setup environment for QuarkChain cluster on Mac OS X and Ubuntu.
  • Added a stats tool to collect running cluster stats that acts as a reference point for TPS competition.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented contract creation calls from within contract.
  • Established wiki page in our open-sourced repo: with design rationals and brief code walkthrough.
  • Sent exceptions and errors to Kafka for monitoring cluster health and identifying bugs.
  • Added remote mining endpoints to QuarkChain; this allows QuarkChain mining to run on a separate process or machine.
  • New p2p network protocol proposal and layout.

4. FYI

  1. We opened QuarkChain’s official developer community on Discord. Please feel free to join us and discuss up-to-date blockchain technologies with other hackers. Welcome! https://discord.gg/aZDWcwV
  2. We also started a new post in QuarkChain’s official Reddit Account. We will collect questions before AMA. Please feel free to post questions and suggestions on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/quarkchainio/
  3. We also worked on our Facebook Page and started our first Facebook Live, please follow us. https://www.facebook.com/quarkchain/

Thanks for reading this report. QuarkChain always appreciates your support and company.




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