QuarkChain Ecosystem Progress Report №4

Dear QuarkChain Community Members,

As QuarkChain grows, we appreciate your continuous support and company. We keep updating everyone on the progress of our ecosystem. Currently, 80+ high-quality projects have been added into QuarkChain ecosystem universe. This is the fourth report which includes the new progress of our ecosystem.

QuarkChain’s Eco-Partnership Map as of Jan. 2019


ELLIPAL is committed to connect everyone to blockchain securely and conveniently. Most of today’s cold wallets are simply used for storage and can only connect to a PC. LLIPAL is a convenient mobile cold wallet that let users store, exchange and trade with cryptocurrencies.The device is 100% isolated from the internet allowing you complete peace of mind when using ELLIPAL.

2. SuperTree

SuperTree is the world’s first content platform built on meta blockchain technology such as those behind ETH, EOS, etc. They propose to build next-generation content platform for games and webtoons. They provide the open SDK for Unreal & Unity3D developers and also offer Metachain IDE tools so that they can develop DApps easily.


Leading Game Studio by 15 year+ veterans from game industry from Hangame, NCSoft, Netmarble with experience in more than 10 million downloads by one game. The are trusted partners of Nexon, NCSoft and other global game companies

4.ARGOS Solutions

Argos is №1 Reg-Tech company specialized in KYC-AML compliance especially designed for ICO projects in Korea. Argos helps their clients to stay ahead of the regulatory curve and focus on their core business. Argos is a trusted service provider in collaboration with Korean top ICO accelerators such as ICONest of ICON foundation, Foundation X, Decentre and Deblock to name a few.


JUR creates secure economic connections between individuals and businesses using the blockchain. JUR is the new decentralized legal system that creates trust between parties in the global economy. JUR proposes a new dispute resolution system that utilizes blockchain technology to instill transparency and immutability in the legal industry. JUR’s dispute resolution solution uses a series of smart contracts to provide an incorruptible decentralized oracle that delivers fair and fast dispute resolution at near zero cost. Additionally, JUR provides a tool that allows users to create smart legal agreements and deposit funds into escrow efficiently with the use of smart contracts.


BITAPE aims to build a logistics tracking system, which integrates the intelligent technique and build-in chips, to implement all-round goods monitoring and data storage. Logistic data will be stored on chain to guarantee goods’ security and transparency. Integrated with Industrial 4.0 intelligent warehousing, AI management is able to be truly realized in the warehousing and logistics.


OSA is the world’s first decentralized marketplace providing AI-driven solutions to retailers, manufacturers, and consumers. It aims to fix three major issues that hinder the retail industry today: overstocking and understocking, consumer trust, and product waste. For consumers, OSA is more likely to serve as a digital assistant relying on AI, enabling them to make sensible purchasing decisions and enjoy time-consuming, less costly and health-guaranteed purchasing experience.


HAECHI LABS provides smart contract security audit and blockchain middleware software as a service (SaaS) to easily integrate blockchain technology into daily life with our technological solutions. HAECHI offers advanced smart contract security audit, upgradable smart contract framework, query layer and enterprise blockchain solutions to guarantee service quality and enhance users’ experience.


KMSChain is a platform and development toolset for securing sensitive data in any cloud, blockchain and IoT application.

KMS applies cutting-edge proxy re-encryption and blockchain technologies in its core. KMSChain system makes sure that after encryption clients need to store only re-encryption keys (rather than master keys) with third party service providers (proxy) to enjoy scalable and secure data management. Thus, in contrast to service providers in legacy KMS settings (fully trusted), proxies in KMSChain are only semi-trusted entities.

In the near future, QuarkChain will continue to work with more partners around the world to provide a more compatible blockchain-based eco-service system. We sincerely welcome more partners to join in QuarkChain’s flexible and versatile ecosystem universe. Finally, let’s share a sentence by a science fiction writer Robert Anson Heinlein as the end:

He has never given up his conviction that if you just try all the doors one of them is bound to be the Door into Summer.

— — Robert Anson Heinlein The Door into Summer





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