QuarkChain Ecosystem Progress Report No.2

Dear QuarkChain Community Members,

As QuarkChain grows, we appreciate your continuous support and company. We keep updating everyone on our ecosystem progress. This is the second report which includes the new progress of our ecosystem.

1. Project Progress of Partners

  1. EOT

EOT Protocol Alpha version has been released on EOT official website. Welcome game developers applying for the alpha test version. The outstanding tester will receive an award of 20,000–100,000 EOT (around 1- 5ETH).


OATH launched a strategic partnership with NEM, famous community based public chain, and UNetwork, a public chain known for its creative content. Dr. Jenny, JD and COO of OATH, delivered a speech at the Keynote Summit in New York on Aug. 30th and explained why the jury system applies to the blockchain. CEO Xu Wei was invited to The Belt and Road Digital City Speech (Xiamen) on September 8, explaining the blockchain governance and the OATH project. OATH Protocol won the first place as a blockchain project in the world-renowned entrepreneurial competition Slush Shanghai 2018, the third place in the comprehensive entrepreneurial project. In the Belt and Road Digital City Speech (Xiamen), OATH won the Most Valuable Project Award. Xu Wei was also awarded the Leadership of the Belt and Road Youth Leader. The OATH Protocol also received a higher project rating and evaluation from the Dutch rating agency Crypto society 90/100.

3. Celer

On September 6th, Xiaozhou Li, co-founder of Celer Network, delivered a keynote speech on Build and Operate Internet-Scale dApps on Celer Network at the P.O.D conference co-organized by 6Kr Group and Odaily Planet Daily in Beijing. Celer Network officially launched the “Make blockchain application be used by everyone” program, and “smart contract full stack development and off-chain scalability technology training camp.” Since September 6th, two classes will be offered online every week. This training camp will release 9 video lessons plus 2 live Q&A sessions, teaching the smart contract dApp full-stack development by adopting the Ethereum as the basis. At the same time, there will be an exclusive Celer Network off-chain scalability SDK tutorial to solve the problem of low speed existing in traditional dApp, allowing developers to acquire skills of developing dApps that can really carry large-scale users.

4. SciDex

SciDex has released its alpha-version product (https://alpha.scidex.co/), the first application based on SciDex Protocol. The SciDex MarketSpace encourages the user to share alternative data through the following features:

* SciDex protocol:Generate adaptive SciDex readable smart contracts based on user’s needs;

* SciSearch: Intelligent data search engine that helps users navigate the index efficiently through deep learning and natural language processing techniques;

* DataDex: Massive indexing of information for millions of available data sets.

SciDex Protocol has begun to serve the first commercial partners, compiling and verifying the generation of new Smart Contracts (RASC), including Google Cloud, TechData, Origin Protocol.

5. MXC

MXC has completed the world tour of 11 stations. The team has expanded in Berlin and maintained a good relationship with the local government. Jeff, MXC Foundation Growth Manager, shared the vision of MXC at the blockchain brunch held by Factory Berlin. There are about 100 participants who discussed IoT applications that could change Berlin startups and businesses. MXC brings a new generation of low-power wide-area networks that combine superior IoT systems to drive data transactions between “objects” and benefit from enhanced network coverage.

6. Udap

Udap released Harvest Wallet, an ERC721 and Udap Singular Style Asset Wallet. Harvest Wallet supports both ERC20 and ERC721 token standards. Rather than simply recording digital currencies, it can manage business-level certified assets such as certificates, fair letters, warehouse receipts, purchase receipts, and other tangible assets. Its powerful features also include the recording of intangible assets such as game virtual equipment, personal credit, and reputation. Second, the wallet allows individuals to publish their own encrypted assets, easily implement asset-winding capabilities, and become a traffic entry for encrypted assets. Finally, the wallet also has plug-in capabilities. This is an important entry point for users to manage their assets. It will help more developers to use the plug-in function based on Harvest Wallet. Like the WeChat applet, when Tencent opens the API port for a developer, Wechat applet functions of their own can be realized on the basis of WeChat.

2. New Partners

  1. LianAn

On August 27, QuarkChain launched an in-depth strategic partnership with Chengdu LianAn Technology. As the only blockchain security company for distributed strategic investment, Chengdu LianAn Technology has been the contract audit company designated by the exchanges such as Huobi, OKEx, KuCoin and LBank, and has cooperated with Inria, the world’s top formal verification team. The company was listed on the “2018 China Blockchain Industry White Paper” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and won the “OKEx Best Security Audit Partner Award”. The company has been selected for the Etherscan Smart Contract Security Audit recommendation list. At the same time, VaaS (Verification as a Service) is a blockchain formal verification platform independently developed by Chengdu LianAn Technology, which adopts various formal verification methods and mathematical models to provide all-round services for smart contract and blockchain applications. The formalized verification service has the advantages of high verification efficiency, high automation, low manual participation, easy to use, support for multiple contract development languages, and formal verification of the underlying platform supporting large-capacity blockchain. The VaaS platform’s “one-button” formal verification tool accurately locates risky code locations and risk causes, effectively validating common security vulnerabilities, security attributes and functional correctness of smart contract or blockchain applications, thereby significantly improve their level of security. Relevant research results have applied for 5 software invention patents. With the “one-button” formal verification tool VaaS, more than 500 smart contracts have been audited and have been selected for the Etherscan Smart Contract Security Audit recommendation list. The security cooperation signed by QuarkChain and Chengdu LianAn Technology will provide a full range of security verification and solutions for QuarkChain and its smart contract on the public chain.

2. Vidy

Vidy, a blockchain company promoting new technologies, adhering to the concepts of “open and inclusive” and “mutual benefit”, has built a strategic partnership with QuarkChain. As always, QuarkChain wants to collaborate with high-quality partners to accelerate the development of the Internet ecosystem and application together.

Vidy was founded at Silicon Valley by Harvard alumni Patrick Colangelo and Credit Suisse’s elite Matthew Lim in 2016. Since then Vidy has grown to a team with 20 people in San Francisco and Shanghai. For the past two years, Vidy has built a solid underlying technology foundation for the innovation of the Internet industry with its core technology of video processing based on natural language-based transcription, markup, and indexing. Vidy’s consulting teams are mostly industry giants including P&G CTO Alan Boehme, Coca-Cola Vice President Damian Marano, and Pepsi’s former CEO Dawn Hudson, Sephora Marketing Director Kimberly Wheeler, Ogilvy’s former Chief Digital Officer Brandon Berger, and former UBS Group Ex-Chairman Lim Ho Kee.

Vidy has a team with top engineers who have been carefully researching and polishing to create the world’s first invisible video embedding layer under the technical support of Ethereum. This technology allows any cooperating publisher to embed relevant videos into the text of any web page via the SDK (software development kit). Users can watch related online videos by long-pressing the text link without leaving the browsing page. At the same time, combined with the technology of decentralization the blockchain, Vidy ensures that the user access information cannot be tampered with, and track user activities, further combined with artificial intelligence and natural language processing (AI + NLP) for accurate targeted information push. Users can also get the Vidy token reward based on the time one watched the video.

The strategic partnership between QuarkChain and Vidy will mainly focus on promoting blockchain infrastructure technologies, and giving active assistance and support for both sides in the data layer, consensus layer and application layer. As a fast-rising public chain, QuarkChain has strong technical strength and great commercial potential in the application of expansion solutions because of its security, decentralization and scalability. This cooperation is intended to initiate an unprecedented practice in promoting the advancement of blockchain technology, thus leading the Internet industry to a new dimension of change.

3. NOC

On September 12th, QuarkChain signed a strategic agreement with NOC Ventures, a digital currency fund, and NOC Consulting, its top blockchain service platform. NOC will support the QuarkChain eco-fund and the development of vertical public chain and Dapps in the QuarkChain ecosystem. NOC will provide QuarkChain and its ecosystem developers with globally accurate marketing services, social platform marketing services, developer community building and liquidation. We will promote the commercialization of the QuarkChain ecosystem and the expansion of the user scale.

The NOC team highly valued this strategic cooperation with QuarkChain. The founder of NOC, Bryan, believes that Qi Zhou, the founder and CEO, has a good grasp of the industry and technology, and the team has a strong execution. QuarkChain’s ecological layout is also very solid. Now the cooperation and landing projects are of high quality, and the two sides have strong complementarity. The two sides will cooperate in all aspects in the future to jointly build an open collaborative ecosystem, and offer services for the ecosystem and QuarkChain developers community.

Anthurine, the co-founder of QuarkChain, said that many high-quality projects in various fields have been added into QuarkChain’s ecosystem. In the field of advertising marketing and investment banking services, QuarkChain has been looking for a reliable partner to serve QuarkChain and other partners in the ecosystem. NOC has many years of advertising and marketing background and extensive experience in community operations, advertising marketing and consulting, and is complementary to QuarkChain. The next key step will be to work together to promote the development of the QuarkChain ecosystem.

QuarkChain is honored to partner with those promising projects and build blockchain ecosystem together.

In the near future, QuarkChain will continue to work with more partners around the world to provide a more compatible blockchain-based ecosystem service system.




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