QuarkChain Founding Partner And CMO Made The List of The Best Marketers in Blockchain for 2020 — QuarkChain community activity had nearly 4000% growth since 2020

Recently, Flipside Crypto, a well-known blockchain data analysis company, and The Tie, a data analysis company, scored the market operation of related projects in the global blockchain industry and selected 35 best marketers in Blockchain for 2020. Anthurine, QuarkChain Founding Partner and CMO, made the list of the best marketers in Blockchain for 2020, along with the marketers of Binance, Chainlink, XRP, OMG, etc., and accepted Flipside Crypto’s Interview, because of her excellent understanding of blockchain technology and industry insights. Talking about the honor, she mentioned the keys to achieving excellent performance are: technology-oriented, providing technical training to community members with understandable language, continuously outputting articles about blockchain functions, and appropriate marketing campaigns.

The selection is mainly based on the FCAS (Fundamental Crypto Asset Score) indicator, which is a data indicator closely followed by many leading projects in the blockchain field. This data is very competitive, and can directly indicate the current operation of the project. According to the official website, FCAS scores are calculated through thousands of variables in three core algorithms, including user activity, developer behavior, and market maturity. Finally, the three comprehensive evaluations together generate FCAS, which is quite authoritative and has high reference value.

More details: https://flipsidecrypto.com/products/ratings

In FCAS’s scores on market activities, QuarkChain has made significant progress in 2020. Take the popularity on Twitter as an example, QuarkChain has increased its popularity by nearly 4000% since 2020, and the FCAS comprehensive score has increased by 4%. As the CMO of QuarkChain, Anthurine did not simply limit herself to the comfort zone of traditional marketing. Instead, given the truth that the blockchain industry is full of complicated concepts and new terms, she realized that the key of a blockchain project is whether or not the project can transform difficult concepts into a language that is easier for the community to understand and spread. Therefore, she conducted in-depth research on technology and became a person who not only understands marketing but also understands technology. Thus, QuarkChain has also formed a marketing methodology that combines technology and market in marketing and conveyed the abstract blockchain concepts to a format that everyone can understand.

In general, Anthurine has led the marketing team to operate the marketing campaigns since 2020 in the following activities:

1. On New Year’s Day in 2020, Anthurine conducted a live broadcast for the new year, which provided a perspective on the current status quo and future of the public chain industry. She used mixed pictures, texts, and audios in the live broadcast, introduced the difficult concepts vividly, and obtained praises and widespread support from the participants and the community.

2. In the first half of the year of 2020, QuarkChain produced a series of videos on blockchain technology with detailed explanations, such as multi-native token, heterogeneous sharding. QuarkChain also published a number of technical interpretation articles.

3. DeFi has become the hottest topic in 2020. In order to provide all users an experience about QuarkChain’s DeFi performance, QuarkChain held a series of DeFi activities, such as multi-native token auction games, and funny swap games. The campaigns provided a better understanding of QuarkChain.

QuarkChain marketing team is committed to becoming a bridge between technology and the community, allowing more people to understand the development of technology, increasing everyone’s confidence, and moving forward together through bulls and bears.

For the full article about Flipside interview: https://blog.flipsidecrypto.com/quarkchain-marketing-interview/



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