QuarkChain Gave a Keynote Speech at the Blockchain Trend Online Conference

The QuarkChain Korean team gave a keynote speech at the ‘2021 2H Blockchain Trend Online Conference’ on June 15th.

This conference was hosted by CoinRocket, one of Korea’s major blockchain communities, and was held for 2 hours on Pink Boo TV’s YouTube channel, a Korean influencer channel.

Participating companies were QuarkChain, Origin Protocol, Algorand, and Avalanche. Each company was able to give a talk about the themes of the second half of blockchain trend, NFT, and DeFi.

QuarkChain made a presentation under the theme of ‘Building the Next Generation of DeFi/NFT Network’, and along with the introduction of QuarkChain, the limitations of the existing DeFi network, the differentiation of QuarkChain technology, and How QuarkChain solves this existing limitation was explained.

In the Q&A session, the QuarkChain team answered two questions. One was a question about the application of QuarkChain, and we shared examples of a solution application, such as providing a blockchain solution for a local government in China, and explained one of its future applications as a payment method.

The second question was about the stability of QuarkChain trades in the KRW market amid many issues of lots of crypto assets being delisted in many exchanges in Korea. QuarChain team assured that the trades of QKC would be supported continuously and safely.

This event was a great opportunity to introduce QuarkChain as a DeFi network and multi-native NFT tokens to many people.

QuarkChain will continue to communicate with the community and introduce QuarkChain through various channels and events.

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