QuarkChain Global Ambassador Program | New Content Creator Roles Available

To better promote community development, to allow more people to participate in the QuarkChain community, and to introduce more people to QuarkChain’s vision of a blockchain-driven future world, the QuarkChain Foundation is announcing the launch of its new QuarkChain Ambassador Program with Specialized Roles. If you have any questions, you can always contact QuarkChain admins on Telegram or Discord.

Benefits of Ambassadors

i) High Token Rewards: QuarkChain provides dozens of additional duties, and individuals can receive high rewards every month.

ii) Exclusive Honor: Each ambassador will receive an exclusive identity certificate.

iii) Priority Channel: Outstanding ambassadors will have priority to enjoy the company’s internal and global community welfare.

iv) Internal Training: Ambassadors can join in professional training with internal staff, regular online lectures, etc. Topics include layer 1, layer 2, DeFi, NFT, sharding, and more.

v) Industry Summit: Team will offer tickets and travel opportunities for the annual important industry summit.

vi) Peripheral Gifts: Every ambassador will receive exclusive gifts irregularly.

Types of Ambassadors

There are three types of Ambassadors:

i) Community Leader/Social Media Ambassador
ii) Content Creator Ambassador
iii) Technical Content Creator Ambassador

Each role has its own specific duties. Ambassadors are expected to complete their basic duties in order to receive their compensation.

Basic Duties for ALL Ambassadors

  1. Repost, comment, and like all official QuarkChain announcements/updates.
  2. Share the official announcement/updates messages on your personal/professional Twitter.

Basic Duties of the Community Leader/Social Media Ambassador

1. Share the official announcements/updates on:

  • your personal/professional Twitter
  • the telegram group(s) you manage
  • 3+ other Telegram groups
  • other social media or channels like Twitter/ 4chan/ Reddit/ Bitcointalk/ Facebook/ LinkedIn/ etc.

2. Comment on Twitter/Social media Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) posts and mention QuarkChain:

Example: Vitalik Buterin mentions sharding projects on his Twitter. Our Ambassador can leave a comment on Vitalik’s post saying something positive about QuarkChain’s sharding solution.

3. Monitor telegram group(s):

As a Community Leader/Social Media ambassador, you will help to manage and answer community questions, and delete spam in order to create a friendly/informational environment for the QuarkChain community.

P.S. You can choose English or your native language to complete basic duties.

Basic Duties of Content Creator Ambassador


  1. Videos for QuarkChain and share it online — Examples: step-by step tutorials, educational videos, overviews, etc.
  2. Any form of graphics for QuarkChain and share it on social media — Examples: art, memes, infographics, posters, etc.
  3. Blog/Article/Newsletter/Forum posts — Help to write on the topic of QuarkChain to spread the word of QuarkChain

P.S. You can choose English or your native language to complete these duties.

Basic Duties of Technical Content Creator Ambassador


  1. Technical videos for QuarkChain and share it online — Examples: mining tutorials, step-by-step staking guide, etc.
  2. Technical documents related to QuarkChain and share it online — Examples: written mining tutorials, step-by-step staking guide, etc.
  3. Blog/Article/Newsletter/Forum posts — Help to write technical content for QuarkChain to help devs and others

P.S. You can choose English or your native language to complete these duties.

Performance Evaluation

Community Leader/Social Media Ambassador

Monthly settlement: Basic Award + Performance Award

i) Basic Rewards — The participant will receive basic rewards per month following the service start date. Basic rewards will be given if the ambassador completes all of the assigned monthly work. The reward will depend on the performance you put in. Not completing any of the basic requirements will result in a portion payment.

ii) Performance Rewards — Hard-working ambassadors may receive an additional payment based on their performance and tasks completed for the month. Rewards will vary and are subject to change.

Content Creator Ambassador

i) Compensation— QuarkChain offers different compensation amounts for each Content Creator Ambassador based on the quantity and quality of content created.

Since these ambassadors are able to create an unlimited amount of content per month, each ambassador is encouraged to create as much work as they would like to be compensated.

Note: More duties and rewards may be introduced after you become an official ambassador. You‘ll be expected to complete these additional tasks or face elimination.

Ambassador Elimination Mechanism

An ambassador will be disqualified if any of the following circumstances occur:

  1. Failure to actively cooperate with and assist QuarkChain in daily content and activity;
  2. No updates for two consecutive months;
  3. Submitting fake data;
  4. Publishing content that is against community value.

Ambassadors will be required to submit status updates of the work they have completed. We’ll evaluate each Ambassador’s work every month based on this status update. Any work that wasn’t mentioned in the status update won’t count towards the monthly reward. It is the responsibility of each Ambassador to keep track of the work they have completed and submit updates in a timely manner.

We reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time.

Apply Here!

Please submit an application if interested:



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