QuarkChain Global Ambassador Summary

Who are they? What did they do? How’s their daily life looks like? All you need to know is here!

The QuarkChain global ambassador program has been in operation for two years. First of all, we would like to thank the community members from all over the world and all walks of life for their contributions and support for QuarkChain. From several community volunteers at the beginning to nearly 20 formal community partners, the QuarkChain team is growing.

Recently, we received many emails from our members asking how to apply to become a community ambassador. Some other questions include: what is the ambassador’s daily work? What did community ambassadors do in the past? This article will show you the vibrant and different lives of the ambassador team!

Now the community ambassadors come from China, the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Turkey, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Russia, countries from Africa, and many others. Over the past two years, GaretJohan, MBGBuzzer, Justin, Samuel, Mat, Anh, 0b10100100000, Captain Cook, Denden, Gamals Brunet, ビニール have helped the QuarkChain team translate articles, manage country groups, and promote Quarkchain through different channels.

Justin, the QuarkChain French ambassador, has 3 years of experience in community management and has worked as a community administrator for many projects. He has made outstanding contributions to the publicity and promotion of QuarkChain in France. Not only did he represent QuarkChain to attend local large-scale events and conferences, popularized QuarkChain’s sharding technology, the Boson consensus, and QuarkChain’s future plan to the French community, but also actively helped QuarkChain to find opportunities for project cooperation. With Justin’s help, QuarkChain held an online Q&A activity in the French group of Binance for the first time.


Philippine Ambassador Den also contributed to QuarkChain’s brand promotion in the Philippines. In the first week of becoming an ambassador, by connecting with his personal network, he helped QuarkChain to gain the opportunity for the team to attend the Binance global meeting in Manila, Philippines. As a representative of QuarkChain, Professor Yang, the chief scientist of QuarkChain, shared his views on the development of the blockchain industry. , and answered questions about the use of blockchain. QuarkChain, with high throughput, high availability, high interoperability and flexible features, has gained great recognition within the Philippine market. At present, the country has also become one of the countries that QuarkChain focuses on.


MBGBuzzer, our Russian ambassador, has joined the team since the founding of QuarkChain. Along these years, he has become an overseas Ambassador who oversaw the exponential growth of QuarkChain. At first, he spontaneously translated articles for QuarkChain, expanded the community, organized, and participated in QuarkChain’s trip to Europe. As time goes by, he has expanded a number of business collaborations on behalf of QuarkChain. With the company of the Russian ambassador, the Russian community has become one of the most active and numerous overseas communities at QuarkChain. In the past two years, articles translated by Russian ambassadors have been published on high traffic websites in Russia many times, contributing to the opportunity for QuarkChain to attend offline activities in Russia. It is worth mentioning that Du Ting, chief business officer of QuarkChain, also played a huge role in the construction of Russian community. He gave a talk on the topic of “After mainnet launch: scalability, flexibility & interoperability” to every one during the Binance Russian event. He also explained to more Russian users about the concept of QuarkChain, and many advanced features of QuarkChain, such as high throughput, more flexibility, no branching, and so on. As a technician, MBGBuzzer has written mining tutorials in English and Russian for the community. Indeed, he is one of the heroes that significantly helps expand the overseas technical community of QuarkChain.


Let’s look at ambassadors in China. Our Chinese community ambassadors such as Yiming, Lao Wang, Oreo, and AI, have been answering questions within the group for two years. They are good at providing explanations to community newcomers regarding technical advantages, current development progress, and future plans in a readable format. In other channels, they exchange blockchain with various barmasters and writers and popularize QuarkChain. With their help, more people became interested in QuarkChain and joined the QuarkChain family.

Small Apple is a community ambassador and a programmer. Like the Russian ambassador, he has supported QuarkChain since its early stage. He has full confidence in the QuarkChain technology. He actively participates in the community, answering questions about mining, trading, pledge and so on. On top of that, he also independently developed an App to facilitate the calculation of mining revenue. He also wrote three mining articles. With his help, more programmers participated in j the mining activities. Small Apple also took part in the annual TPS competition and achieved excellent results.


Alex, QuarkChain’s Hong Kong ambassador, helped the QuarkChain team to raise awareness in Hong Kong. With his assistance, Anthurine, Chief Marketing Officer of QuarkChain, Jonathon, head of South Korea, and Du Ting, Chief Business Officer of QuarkChain, led the team to hold the first offline activity in Hong Kong. During the activity, Anthurine introduced QuarkChain 2.0 and the technology of sharding in detail.


Zac, our ambassador in Taiwan, can write articles and build websites. In order to better promote QuarkChain, he spontaneously created a new website and shared his opinions about QuarkChain on the website. His articles attracted quite a number of viewers and appeared on Baidu’s homepage many times. In terms of content publishing, he often keeps in touch with the team. In order to increase the readability of the article, he also puts forward a lot of valuable suggestions to the team.

Many community members are not ambassadors, but they gave advice generously and contributed to the community. All members of the QuarkChain team would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the members.

Bukum, a member of the community, has written a CPU mining and one-click mining tutorial named “Contract base staking guide for small QKC stakers”, which better guides the miners to join the mining activities and experience the benefits of PoSW mining.


Crypto Vin, a member of the community, has also made a tutorial video on how to join mining. With this video, non programmers can easily learn about mining and the know-how of setting up a mining environment.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=197&v=uENf0vIX3B4&feature=emb_logo

In addition, QuarkChain’s bounty program attracted nearly 3000 new users. We received more than 50 creative expressions and more than 1000 blessings.

We have been deeply moved by all the efforts and care from all the members. We also know that there must be more community members who have made contributions in the backdrop. Be the contribution big or small, if you have ever written an article, made a video, or promoted anything, please contact the community manager (Telegram ID:@Daisyszq) for a dedication award.

In 2020, QuarkChain will continue to move forward. In 2020, we plan to fully support our native tokens to achieve the combination of Defi and better user friendliness.

Our goal is let more people know QuarkChain’s technology. Besides telling people the acronym of QuarkChain, we should let other people know more about the concept and technical details of QuarkChain and our recent updates. In order to better promote QuarkChain content, we will release a new creator bounty event in the near future. We want to discover more passionate fellows who can create content about QuarkChain. Please stay tuned and pay attention to the official account.

If you want to join the QuarkChain ambassador team, please scan QR code to sign up. If you have any questions, please contact the ambassador manager (Telegram ID:@Daisyszq):

















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