QuarkChain Korea Team Gave a Lecture on NFT to LG Electronics H&A Marketing Team

On April 15th, QuarkChain’s Korean team gave a lecture on NFT to LG Electronics’ Home Appliance & Air Solutions (H&A) Marketing Communication Team.

As interest in Metaverse and NFT in Korea is rapidly increasing, large corporations are already announcing their entry into these fields.

Compared to the interest, there is still not enough understanding or application in the field of NFT. Many corporate managers are curious about the use cases of blockchain technology and NFT, and there is a need for learning.

At the request of the LG Electronics H&A Team Marketing Communication Team, the QuarkChain team explained what NFT is, what various applied cases there are, and what types and cases can be used in LG Electronics with examples.

A total of 60 team members participated and listened to the 40-minute lecture and asked various high-level questions.

QuarkChain will continue to educate and disseminate various uses of blockchain technology, such as NFT and Defi through opportunities such as lectures and presentations, and continue to seek ways to collaborate with many enterprises.




QuarkChain provides a secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS

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