QuarkChain Monthly Project Progress Report: Apr, 2020

Welcome to the 52nd QuarkChain Monthly Report. This is our March issue. We will post monthly reports including development progress, monthly news, and events at the end of each month. In the future, QuarkChain strives to do better. Let’s review what happened in the past month!


  • Mainnet will be upgraded on April 30,2020 and the multi-native token will be officially online
  • Bithumb will be enabled to support QuarkChain (QKC) mainnet
  • QuarkChain mainnet will gradually complete the first reduction in output
  • QPool is now live for public testing

1) Development Progress

# Major Updates

## Added

  • Added acceleration feature for token auction system contract
  • Added function of freezing gas reserve in system contract
  • Add chain id restriction for token mint and system contract deployment

## Updated

  • Updated contract page to support cross-shard read
  • Updated equality check for token balance map to fix reconstruction problems

2) Developer Events

2.1 Major Upgrade of QuarkChain Mainnet & Multi-native Token Function

Mainnet will be upgraded on April 30,2020, which is the first major upgrade since its launch. After upgrading, the multi-native token will be officially online and open to the community after stable operations. For miners who built the node themselves, please download and upgrade the node to avoid losses:https://github.com/QuarkChain/pyquarkchain/releases/

2.2 QPool Is Now Live for Public Testing

QPool, a mining pool that supports the QuarkChain official mainnet, was launched on April 17, 2020. Joining QuarkChain mainnet for mining will present to miners as a more convenient alternative with more stable income. QPool supports miners to switch between ETH mining and QKC mining with one simple click. There are no commissions during the public test period; users who participate in public testing will enjoy life-time free VIP technical support.

2.3 The Reduction of QuarkChain Block Output Reward

According to the initial design plan, the QuarkChain mainnet will gradually complete the first reduction in output this week according to the speed of block output. QuarkChain’s unique PoSW staking and mining mechanism enhances the security of the entire network. With the reduction of output, the number of staking tokens in the root chain and shards has also dropped to 88% of that of the previous year.

3) Articles Summary

3.1 QuarkChain Launched New Video Series

We created our new video series named “QuarkChain 100 Q&A” with two major topics. The first video introduces the newly launched unique multi-native token contract, which allows tokens to call smart contracts and pay fees directly, it is more developer-friendly and user-friendly. The second video introduced PoSW. It has a competition of computing power like PoW; at the same time, if miners stake QKC when mining, they can enjoy the benefits of lower mining difficulty.

3.2 Bithumb will support QuarkChain (QKC) mainnet

Bithumb announced to support QuarkChain (QKC) mainnet starting on April 20, 2020. During the transition, please note that in order to measure token holders’ assets accurately and ensure a smooth token swap process,we have suspended the deposit and withdrawal services for QuarkChain (QKC). In the future, Bithumb will support token swap. Please follow the official channel for the update.


3.3 QPocket, QuarkChain’s Official Crypto Wallet Collaborated With MakerDAO

Users can access MakerDAO’s services within QPocket, which eliminates the cumbersome steps in switching between different applications and interfaces for authentication prior to carrying out simple transactions. If you access Oasis in QPocket, your wallet address of QPocket is automatically synced with Oasis. There is no need for you to create and manage a separate address.

3.4 QuarkChain Received Interview from Cointelegraph

The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening to plunge the world into the deepest crisis. However, businesses in Asia are currently recovering from the horrible financial hangover caused by the virus. In this report, Cointelegraph Consulting talks to Anthurine, CMO of QuarkChain. Xiang said that following the outbreak, countries like China began to rethink how to build up more advanced infrastructure to better respond to large scale events like a public health crisis, adding that “we are providing the government with multiple project solutions for the public health system, such as blockchain solutions, resource management, and trading platforms.”

4) Events

4.1 QuarkChain Ambassador Program

To better promote community development and to allow more people to participate in the QuarkChain community, the QuarkChain Foundation is announcing the launch of its new QuarkChain Ambassador Program. We welcome creative people who can write articles, make videos, manage groups, organize event, please check for more details: https://community.quarkchain.io/t/quarkchain-ambassador-program-hiring/193/2

4.2 Guowei Finance Live Broadcast

Last week, Anthurine, CMO of QuarkChain, joined a roundtable discussion on prosperity and opportunities, technologies and mechanisms that shape the future of DeFi at Guowei Finance. She shared what her expectations are for this industry regarding Defi’s future growth and scale. During the discuess, she also expressed her viewpoints on several necessities that public chains must provide in order to promote and support DeFi platform development.

5) FYI

Thanks for reading this report. QuarkChain always appreciates your support and company.

















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