QuarkChain Monthly Project Progress Report: April, 2021

Dear Community Members,

Welcome to the 64th QuarkChain Monthly Report (April, 2021). We will post monthly reports including development progress, monthly news, and events at the end of each month. In the future, QuarkChain strives to do better. Let’s review what happened in the past month!

1) Development Progress

# Major Updates

1.1 Updates

  • Implemented cross-chain asset bridge from and to QuarkChain
  • Added stakedrop page in block explorer to have better collaborate with other projects

2) Recent news

2.1 Multi-Native Token Domain NFT on QuarkChain Mainnet 2.0 is Now Open to the Public

QuarkChain’s mainnet 2.0 “BigBang” is now fully functional, and the multi-native token function is officially open to community members.

The multi-native tokens running on QuarkChain’s mainnet are not generated out of thin air, but the basic value is captured by the way of auction issuance rights. In the future, you can rely on its comprehensive functions to capture more application value.

Multi-native tokens have the same status as QKC in the QuarkChain system. They can call contracts, cross-chain, and pay transaction fees under certain conditions. In addition to being able to participate in QKC network governance, multi-native tokens can achieve all the functions of QKC, including cross-chain transfers. Most of the non-native asset inconvenience problems faced by Defi can be solved.

The launch this time makes QuarkChain’s functional layout in the field of DeFi and NFT more complete, and the main network currency QKC will also have more usage scenarios. After mainnet 2.0 “BigBang”, we will usher in how we will develop, so stay tuned.

Learn more : https://link.medium.com/SBH0TeIarfb

2.2 Multi-native Token Domain NFT Auction

In order to allow users to experience the multi-native token function, we held a multi-native token domain NFT auction event. In the future, QuarkChain will also launch the trading platform domain name NFT to make it easier to buy and sell.

The activity was divided into three phases through a week. For Phase 1, users submitted the NFT domain name they want to auction and for phase 2, community members voted for the top three domain names to go to the phase 3. The selected names were QUARKCHAIN, QUARK, QKC500 and the person who submitted these names received 2,000 QKC each as rewards.

At phase 3, participants used the main network currency QKC to conduct the auction. The each winner has the selected token domain name NFT, and will be able to trade in the future. All QKC participating in the auction was directly destroyed.

Learn more: https://t.co/Qgo6jT2vXh?amp=1

2.3 Partnership with DragonVein

Through this partnership, DragonVein will later utilize QuarkChain platform for their services for better transaction environment. DragonVein is also planning to participate in QuarkChain’s multi native token auction to mint their own native token on QuarkChain.

3) Past Events

3.1 Partnership with Smoothy and QKC Staking Event with SMTY airdrops

It is an honor to introduce to you another ecosystem partner, Smoothy. QuarkChain is one of the early investors of Smoothy and holds part of the Smoothy token SMTY. While introducing this project to everyone, and in order to help Smoothy gain more users and share more benefits with QKC holders, we held an event where community members obtain SMTY by staking their mainnet QKC.

Smoothy is a novel stablecoin swapping protocol that supports 20+ stablecoins in a single pool with low-cost low-slippage swaps and max interest earning. SMTY is governance token of Smoothy.

The staking event was successfully closed in a couple of days reaching 100% of targeted staking amount.

Learn more: https://t.co/hR8DbTz6wZ?amp=1

3.2 1st Korean QuarkChain Supporters Recruited

To promote QuarkChain in Korea and to make our community more active, we recruited 21 Korean supporters. Those selected will actively work for 3 months until the end of June and will help to promote QuarkChain and spread its updates to more communities. Types of activities include various promotional activities such as community operation support, blog review, content creation and more. For more details, please check the QuarkChain Korea Official channel: https://t.me/QuarkChain_Korea

3.3 AMA with AltStreetBets on 30th

QuarkChain was invited for a Reddit AMA on r/AltStreetBets on 30th. AltStreetBets is one of the biggest communities on Reddit and has hosted AMA for many known projects such as Opacity, Zilliqa, LTO, Smartlands, Banano, Harmony, Zenfuse, DxSale, MetalPay and etc.

Qi Zhou, Founder of QuarkChain and Anthurine, CMO have answered questions during AMA. The summary will be shared soon.

4) FYI

Thanks for reading this report. QuarkChain always appreciates your support and company.

About QuarkChain

Website: https://www.quarkchain.io

Telegram: https://t.me/quarkchainio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quark_Chain

Medium: https://medium.com/quarkchain-official

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/quarkchainio/

Developer Community: https://community.quarkchain.io/




QuarkChain provides a secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS

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