QuarkChain Monthly Project Progress Report: December 2020

Dear Community Members,

Welcome to the 60th QuarkChain Monthly Report (December, 2020). This is our November issue. We will post monthly reports including development progress, monthly news, and events at the end of each month. In the future, QuarkChain strives to do better. Let’s review what happened in the past month!

1) Development Progress

# Major Updates

## Updated

  • Updated machines & configurations such as P2P bootstrap nodes, mainnet explorers in cloud providers for better robustness

2) Recent news

2.1 QuarkChain Mainnet 2.0 “BigBang” Launched With The Multi-native Token Function

QuarkChain mainnet BigBang continually has heterogeneous blockchain architecture thanks to our heterogeneous sharding technology, besides, it also enables a unique multi-native token function. In our previous events of “Game of DeFi”, we have introduced all the functions of multi-native token on the testnet by the games, such as native token bid, mint, transaction, etc. Now, we officially launch these functions on the mainnet, thus the community and our ecosystem partner projects can use these functions to mint their own native tokens in mainnet.

2.2 QuarkChain Participated In The Scientists Forum Cloud Summit And Introduced A New Ledger Model That Can Greatly Improve Network Performance

As the first sharing guest of the summit, QuarkChain founder & CEO Dr. Qi Zhou attended the forum and gave a speech entitled “The Future of Public Chain”. Last time, QuarkChain scientist Professor Yaodong Yang provided a macro introduction of the blockchain industry. This time, Dr. Zhou started from the real practices of the blockchain system, taking QuarkChain as an example, and specifically explained the current mainstream blockchain application fields such as assets, DeFi, etc. He also introduced several important reasons that block the further development of the blockchain, such as network throughput, the composability of DeFi applications, etc. Therefore, the future public chain must have features such as: high throughput, low-cost asset issuance and operation, and high composability of applications. The current solutions mainly include: cross-chain/sharding/L2, solved some of the problems but generated new ones such as reduced composability caused by improved performance. Thus, high-performance single-chain technology is the only way for public chains in the future.

3) Ecosystem Updates

3.1 Equalizer & QPocket Co-founder and CEO Johnny Chu attended Lianke live show “Understand DeX From 0 to 1”

Since June 2020, the market has welcomed rapid development of DeFi. The total market value of DeFi tokens and the total lock-up value of DeFi have skyrocketed, igniting the market sentiment. Johnny Chu, the Co-founder and CEO of Equalizer & QPocket Wallet, attended the Lianke live broadcast room and shared the topic of “Understand DeX From 0 to 1”. He introduced the features of the mainstream DEX, and how DEX could leverage the future of CEX.

4) Past Events

4.1 QuarkChain Founder and CEO Dr. Qi Zhou was listed as the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the Blockchain Industry in 2020” by Cointelegraph China

On December 23, at the See the Future — International Blockchain Technology Innovation Summit and the first anniversary of Cointelegraph China, QuarkChain founder and CEO Dr. Qi Zhou was selected as the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the Blockchain Industry in 2020”.

4.2 QuarkChain CMO Anthurine interviewed by Lianxin to discuss the development of public chain and alliance chain

QuarkChain co-founder and CMO Anthurine accepted Lianxin’s interview. She mentioned: “The industry regulations may require technical and regulatory compliance, which will take time. At present, the blockchain industry is still in the business model exploring stage. After the information revolution, the early development of new fields was also stuck at the chaotic period for a while. We believe that the development of the blockchain industry needs to explore and analyze from the actual application value, and cannot be generalized.”

4.3 QuarkChain hosted AMA with OneLedger at Telegram

On December 15th, Oneledger Director of Product Aly Kassam attended QuarkChain’s official Telegram group and held an AMA. He interacted with QuarkChain community members, introduced OneLedger’s current status, new features, and future plan. He also answered all the questions from QuarkChain’s community members.

5) FYI

Thanks for reading this report. QuarkChain always appreciates your support and company.



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