QuarkChain Monthly Project Report: October 2021

Dear Community Members,

Welcome to the 70th QuarkChain Monthly Report (October 2021). We will post monthly reports including development progress, monthly news, and events at the end of each month. In the future, QuarkChain strives to do better. Let’s review what happened in the past month!

1) Development Progress

1.1 Updates

  • Metamask endpoints now support HTTPS connections

2) Recent news

2.1 QuarkChain publishes a technical article: Efficient On-Chain Dynamic Merkle Tree

QuarkChain founder & CEO Dr. Zhou published a technical article on the Ethereum technology forum ethresear.ch, introducing an efficient Merkle tree scheme design.

Following the idea of the stateless client of Ethereum 2.0, QuarkChain implements an efficient on-chain dynamic Merkle tree, its features include:

  • on-chain inclusive verification;
  • on-chain append / in-place update;
  • O(1) cost in storage space;
  • O(1) storage write cost for update / append operations.

Original link:

2.2 QuarkChain Starts a New Round of Recruitment for New Content Creator Ambassadors

To better promote community development, to allow more people to participate in the QuarkChain community, and to introduce more people to QuarkChain’s vision of a blockchain-driven future world, the QuarkChain Foundation is announcing the launch of its new QuarkChain Ambassador Program with Specialized Roles. If you have any questions, you can always contact QuarkChain admins on Telegram or Discord.

Application form: https://forms.gle/WN68qyQAeGiCVWgE6

2.3 UDC Reporter’s Remarks ‘The QuarkChain announcement is the most interesting’

At the end of last month, at the 4th Upbit Developer Conference (UDC) held by Dunamu, the operator of the well-known Korean digital currency exchange Upbit. Dr. Zhou, the founder of QuarkChain, gave a keynote speech on the topic of “Concentrated Liquidity for Multiple Pooled Assets” at the conference, which attracted a lot of attention. Two Coindesk reporters responsible for covering the UDC conference wrote articles about QuarkChain’s speech, and one of them made a comment on the speech. Said the speech “fits the theme and is likable”.

2.4 CoinEx Adds QKC Trading Pairs

3) Events

3.1 Two Cutting-edge Technology Lectures Reveal the Development Direction of QuarkChain at Jiaotong University

On October 22, the QuarkChain team returned to Shanghai and participated in the Shanghai Jiaotong University Computer Science Global Lunch Lecture. The team also attended a sharing event organized by the Jiaotong University Blockchain Association. QuarkChain core engineer and technical leader Junjia returned to his alma mater to give two technical lectures and at the same time conducted a live broadcast at station B. The speeches were well received and the peak audience number exceeded 1,350. The most important thing is that this technical lecture part revealed the technical plan of QuarkChain’s upcoming bridge.

3.2 QuarkChain Participated in Cointelegraph’s Meet The Metaverse Event Recap

On October 24, 2021, the “Meet The Metaverse · NFT World New Wave” conference was successfully held at Shanghai World Financial Center during Shanghai Blockchain Week. The event attracted many people’s attention in the crypto industry. QuarkChain’s core engineer and tech lead Junjia participated in the panel session during this event.

3.3 Event Review | Unibridge: A General-purpose Cross-chain Message Relay Hub

On October 25th, during Shanghai Blockchain Week, QuarkChain, Ontology, and Nervos jointly held a blockchain technology seminar titled EVM TECH MEETUP (Autumn Concerto). QuarkChain core developer and technical lead Junjia made a speech at the event and participated in the panel discussion. Junjia introduced QuarkChain’s product design of the cross-chain information relay “Unibridge” with the help of EVM, an important tool of the Ethereum ecosystem, to provide the possibility for more cross-chain information exchanges in the future.

3.4 QuarkChain participates in Africa’s largest blockchain summit Crypto Fest 2021 and participates in roundtable discussions

On October 29, QuarkChain participated in the online summit of the blockchain summit “Crypto Fest 2021” held by Bitcoin Events, the leading and largest blockchain and digital currency event coordinator in Africa. QuarkChain technical lead and core engineer Junjia participated online at the round table event. In the future, with the development trend of multi-chain, how can we seize the opportunity to solve the problems that multi-chain currently faces, such as cross-chain information exchange, and allow more information on different chains while ensuring security.

4) Upcoming Events

4.1 QuarkChain will participate in “NFT BUSAN 2021” hosted by Busan Blockchain Industry Association

From November 4th to 6th, QuarkChain will participate in the NFT Busan 2021 exhibition organized by the Busan Blockchain Industry Association and organized by more than 100 NFT/BLOCKCHAIN/Metaverse related companies. The content of the conference includes NFT trend interpretation conference, emerging artists and real NFT invitation exhibition, NFT experience area, and so on.

5) FYI

Thanks for reading this report. QuarkChain always appreciates your support and company.



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