QuarkChain Participated in Summer of WAMO Dali Web3 Fest and Introduced EIP-4804

With the increasing popularity of Web3, mainland China recently held its own Web3 conference in a tourist city in Yunnan. Anthurine, QuarkChain co-founder and CMO, participated in several local meetups to introduce QuarkChain and highlighted the recent Ethereum improvement proposal, EIP-4804, proposed by QuarkChain founder Dr. Zhou.

Currently, more than 99% of Web3 applications still rely on centralized components to display to users. If there are problems with these components, it will affect the operation of Web3 applications. Since application servers, node service providers, and even DNS are centralized components, they can become single points of failure. Other issues, such as DNS attacks, where servers are hacked, have also been a problem. There have been multiple hacks that resulted in losses of at least millions of dollars. The recent shutdown of Infura, a node service provider, made a large number of Web3 applications inaccessible and made everyone question the reliability of the blockchain.

ERC 4804 proposes a package of solutions to these problems. ERC 4804 can decentralize the original centralized servers, node service providers, DNS services, resolve URLs without relying on centralized gateways, and finally achieve direct positioning /renders the web content generated on the chain. Relevant instances have been reviewed and released through the Ethereum Improvement Protocol (EIP-4804).

ERC 4804 will play a huge role in the real and complete decentralization of Web3 in the future. We will also introduce it to Web3 people on more occasions so that it can better serve the development of Web3.



QuarkChain provides a secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS

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