QuarkChain Participates at NFT Busan 2021 as a Booth

QuarkChain Official
3 min readNov 18, 2021

NFT BUSAN 2021, the largest NFT (Non-Fungible Token) event in Korea, was held at BEXCO in Korea from November 4th to 6th on/offline hosted by Busan Metropolitan City. QuarkChain participated as a booth to promote Unibridge, a bridge solution that can connect with different chains and transfer assets between them, including NFTs.

The event, which was held under the theme of ‘the NFT Port of Asia’, was a meaningful place for blockchain officials to exchange information, for business and academia officials to present the current state and trends of the NFT-related market, and for citizens to experience it.

This event was planned as an on/offline event so that everyone can enjoy it without borders, and a total of 10,000 visitors, including 8,000 offline and 1,500 simultaneous online users, participated. 25 programs and 27 industry experts participated in the offline session, and 13 programs and 36 industry experts participated in the online session.

NFT-related events held at home and abroad so far have been operated as exhibition booths centered on art and paintings, but this event is the first in Korea to integrate and operate B2B and B2C, as well as exhibitions of large-scale companies and startups that are conducting NFT-related businesses. It consists of various programs to raise public awareness, such as conferences, special exhibitions of NFT, 1:1 meetups, experience zones, and NFT auctions.

In the NFT auction held over two days, 24 items were submitted and all the items had successful bids. Participating companies will donate 3~5% of the winning bid to the Busan NFT Development Fund.

‘NFT BUSAN 2021’ was participated by the global blockchain network Tron Foundation as a major sponsor and provided the perspectives of various domestic and foreign speakers on the NFT industry. The conference provided a legal perspective on portrait rights, property rights, and ownership for NFTs with educational sessions explaining the basic concepts, trends, and utilization of NFTs for beginners. It also encompasses a variety of topics surrounding blockchain and NFTs, including various artist views on NFTs and a discussion on MMORPGs, an existing online game, to Play 2 Earn, a hot topic surrounding NFTs, and the future of the blockchain industry from an investor’s point of view.

The conference consisted of a total of 13 sessions, with 36 industry experts. Panels have discussed a future that will change with the meeting of the financial, game, and art industries through the blockchain.