QuarkChain Participates in a Panel Talk on the Topic of ‘Moving Towards a Multi-Chain World’ at Crypto Fest 2021

Bitcoin Events’ third annual event, Crypto Fest 2021: Rumble in the Crypto Jungle, was held online on October 29th. QuarkChain’s tech lead Junjia participated during the panel talk titled ‘Moving Towards a Multi-Chain World.’

In the talk, he shared his opinions on the important points and future of multi-chain and introduced Unibridge, a general-purpose cross-chain message relay hub.

He explained that QuarkChain has been thinking about how to enable inter-EVM easily and efficiently, and developed Unibridge on QuarkChain to enable each Layer1 solution to communicate through a new paradigm so that more services such as DeFi have more potential.

Junjia said that QuarkChain wants to create a new multichain world.

Mentioning six cross-chain solution hacking incidents in the past year, he pointed out the biggest risks of cross-chain are security, interoperability, and how to move assets and funds between chains.

He also talked about the importance of compensation policies, trust models, and security models in case of being hacked.

Many public chains are sharing more benefits with each other through bridge technology rather than as a separate solution, and QuarkChain will also spur more applicability and contribute to technology through Unibridge.

Crypto Fest 2021 focused on the NFT and DeFi trends and brought together a wide network of blockchain and crypto professionals, experts, entrepreneurs, regulators, creatives, major industry executives, and investors.

The event had 30+ speakers, 25+ free sessions with presentations, panels, Crypto Battles, workshops, Q&A sessions, exhibitions, prizes, giveaways, and an after-party with live music.

Bitcoin Events is Africa’s leading and largest blockchain and cryptocurrency event coordinator. Since 2015, Bitcoin Events has hosted 11 events that have attracted more than 350 global speakers and 12,000 delegates from over 165 countries.




QuarkChain provides a secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS

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