QuarkChain Token Swap Announcement

Dear QuarkChain Community,

After QuarkChain Mainnet’s launch on April 30, 2019, we now officially announce that the token swap starts!

Unlike other blockchain projects that forced the holders to swap from ERC20 tokens to mainnet tokens, QuarkChain will in the future provide a token swap took that can support the conversion from ERC20 token to mainnet token easily, and vice versa. This ensures the use of the mainnet function, and makes it easier for future lists in more exchanges. In addition, it avoids the losses and risks caused by the token swap.

The Functionality of ERC20 Token

The ERC20 tokens are widely accepted, and supported by all exchanges. The users who do not use the function of the mainnet token do not need to swap token, which is more convenient.

The Functionality of Mainnet Token

The mainnet QKC token is a carrier that uses QuarkChain’s mainnet functions such as transaction, voting, staking and mining in the shard using PoSW consensus, and other future functions. If you want to use the above functions, you will need the mainnet QKC token.

Token Swap Schedule:

Start Time:

Start from now. Since each exchange will have its own schedule, for the exact time please pay attention to the announcement from each exchange.

Token Swap Ratio:

1 ERC20 QKC token = 1 Mainnet QKC token

Swap Token Through Exchanges:

We recommend everyone swap token through the exchanges due to the complexity of the mainnet mapping operation process. We have cooperated with the main exchanges which listed QKC to provide a smooth currency exchange experience. The holders don’t need to understand the principles and operations of blockchain technology such as token swap and signature. The holders can directly convert ERC20 token to mainnet QKC token (not supporting reverse conversion). Community members can recharge QKC in advance to exchanges that support QKC token swap.

The first wave of exchanges that support the QKC token swap is as follows:

The token swap steps and schedules may vary by each exchange. Except the above exchanges, we are also working together with other exchanges and doing the final confirmation. Please pay attention to the relevant announcements of relevant exchanges.

In addition, the token swap will last for a certain time. Please don’t worry if the community members can not swap your tokens in a short time. Please follow QuarkChain official announcement for the future update.

We will publish the second wave of the exchanges as soon as possible. In order to ensure fast access to the new exchanges, the new exchanges may trade with ERC20 QKC and gradually switch to the mainnet QKC token in the future.


To whom will swap token through exchanges: Please visit the exchange official website and login with your registered account username and password. Please do not enter the exchange through 3rd party links, unidentified mail or other methods to avoid fraud.

Again, please follow QuarkChain official channels such as Twitter, Telegram for announcements. Please protect your private keys well and never tell to others. QuarkChain is exempt from liability for all losses caused by the users’ trust in fraud.




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