QuarkChain:TPS Competition

A Competiton For Everyone To Win BTC

Event Description

TPS, Transactions Per Second, refers to the transaction rate performed by a system per second. In general, the evaluation of system performance is measured by the number of transactions completed per second. As the numbers of users and dApps of blockchain increase, the current blockchain systems are suffering from its low transactions per second(TPS) to fulfill the requirement.

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QuarkChain, a rising star in blockchain community, aims to address the blockchain scalability problem by employing sharding technology in order to satisfy the needs from different kinds of industries. Based on our testnet data which we launched in early July, the testnet reached to 14755.25 tps at the peak.

We open sourced our core code on Sept. 17 on Github. It is a significant milestone for us since then the developers all over the world have started checking out on what is really behind the protocol and reviewing the code. On the first day of open source, our repo has already got nearly 40 stars at Github!

Event Objectives

This competition aims to provide the developers all around the world interested in blockchain and sharding technology an opportunity to participate in our one-month TPS competition and see what’s the highest TPS one can hit! We provide a platform for developers to freely exert your imaginations and creativities, and offer a generous reward mechanism to encourage more developers to understand more, learn deeper, and contribute to the blockchain industry! We hope that everyone will have a better understanding of our core code, and learn how we achieve security, decentralization, and scalability at the same time by using sharding technology and delivering 10,000+ on-chain TPS.


Simple rules are applied! During the next month (Present — 10/31/2018 PST), the one who successfully builds a QuarkChain test network by running your own nodes/clusters, and achieves the peak TPS by running the provided load test will be the WINNER of the game! We will constantly update our TPS leaderboard during the competition, so you can check your ranking all the time!

Details Explanation

Follow the README and wiki to get started. Everything you need to run clusters, start load test, and collect results are covered in the doc. Don’t hesitate to file issue or reach out to our engineers on Discord if you have any questions/suggestions.

Parameter Space

Number of miners: >= 1
Root chain block: 60s-120s
Minor block interval: 10s-20s
Minor block gas limit: <=12M
Number of shards: unlimited
Number of clusters: >= 3 (fully connected)
*Additional parameter constraints may be added during the competition.

Judging Criteria

To qualify a TPS result, all participants need to submit the following information materials by the end of 10/31/2018 (PST) Time:

(1) Youtube video link: Participants must provide a screen recording (basic introduction to the configuration information, the loadtest start, and the peak TPS obtained by running the command), and upload it to Youtube.

(2) Fork pyquarkchain repo.

(3) Change TPS.md in the Github Fork and update basic configuration information, the peak TPS obtained through the command, the YouTube link and the complete output of stats tool.

(4) Submit your personal information with the sha1 value in Git commit via the Google Form.

Last but not the least, the TPS obtained by configuration should be reproducible. Your submission time will be the latest timestamp of: YouTube link submission, Github commit sha1 submission and Google form submission.

Remember: you can submit as many times as you want. No limitation on resubmissions before the deadline. The team will review the latest result regularly.


1 BTC — First place
0.5 BTC — Second place
0.2 BTC — Third place
0.1 BTC — Fourth to Tenth place

Not listed in the top 10? No worries! We also prepared a lot of surprises for the developers who are willing to participate in our competition! As long as you are willing to make some efforts and time to try QuarkChain during the next month, you will still have the chance to win BTC. Don’t hesitate, just run it!


Start: Present
End: 10/31/2018, 11:59:59pm PST

QuarkChain reserves all the right for the final explanation.

This is a competition for Everybody, please come and join in!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through social media! Thank you for always supporting us.






QuarkChain provides a secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS

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