QuarkChain Weekly AMA Summary-05/04/2019

QuarkChain has been holding its bi-weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Telegram/Wechat groups on Saturday, from 7–8 PM PST. This is the summary for AMA from last week. We are always happy to take questions/comments/suggestions.

Part 1: Marketing Questions

Q1: Congrats to QuarkChain Mainnet. It’s really big news but why there is no effect on the price upside?

A: Price is determined by the whole market. Shorten the price will go up and down, but if you have the same belief of our plan after mainnet, and the top technology we are pursuing ( recommend to read our mainnet launch article), I think you are investing for the long term value

Q2: With all FUD and uncertainty around the project. What is your marketing plan?

A: The FUD will never be cleaned off when people are not satisfied with the price. For example, I have mentioned many times in different channels there are multiple transfers happening between two Binance wallets, they are managing tokens in the exchange. But people still create FUD about it. I think we just need to focus on what we should do, especially on the technology side. For example, I am organizing a sharding event with all sharding projects in consensus 2019. Trying to let people realize our important role in the crypto world.

Q3. In the mainnet article, I saw: “a large number of applications are working closely with QuarkChain, and the development based on QuarkChain is about to start”. Does this mean QuarkChain will have its own Dapps?

A. It not only means we will have Dapps, but also we will have other applicants like layer2, even public chain as well.

Q4. When is the distribution of QKC for AMA winners on Binance English group? I put QKC in Binance, Do I need to send to elsewhere for token swap?

A. It will be between 4/30 and 7/30.Binance should automatically do it for you

Q5. QuarkChain has signed a cooperation agreement to establish a national-level blockchain platform infrastructure, this is really good news, any details about it?

A. We cannot share more details due to NDA right now, that is our big focus after mainnet right now( everyone asks me what we are busy with). We will share more details when we can.

Part 2: Technical Questions

1) why there are no dsha256 shards in mainnet? What are the plans on adding them?
2) what algorithm is on ROOT chain and how can it be mined?
3) why difficulty on ROOT chain is so big? is it compensated by PoSW? who is mining it?
4) when cpu miner will be rewritten to a standalone mode to remove the docker burden? any ETA or timeline?


1.The previous dsha256 is unfriendly to ASIC miner so we remove it and support it in the future.
2. the root chain algorithm is ethash, and everyone could mine it — although the difficulty is a bit high because of the guardian plan.
3. The guardian plan stakes the token via guardian and we provide the hashpower (with guardian benefit). We will switch to PoSW once PoSW in shards is verified.
4. We will provide a pool for cpu standalone users. However, our current plan is to make sure the root chain as enough hashpower to secure the network and perform token swap later.

Q2: Why Quarkchain uses state sharding instead of others?

A. Because it is probably the most advanced and most scalable.

Q3: Who mines/mining ROOT CHAIN and where these coins will go?

A. We are providing hashpower and the guardian plan provides the stake — both from the community, investors, and us. The token will be awarded to the stakers according to the plan. But we welcome anyone to mine the root chain — as long as the miner is not malicious.

Q4. Here are some FUD about QuarkChain.

1.QuarkChain smart contracts only support in-shard interaction, which means it can only access addresses within the same shard. Contract is always deployed to the same shard as the creator’s address. To interact with a contract the sender’s address must be on the same shard as the contract.
2. Not only that but they also are using Etheruem under the hood. Basically, they haven’t implemented sharding.
3. So many talkers in this space that say they have the tech figured out before Etheruem. Not only is the tech not good but they also use Etheruems code. It’s a fork of Ethereum that says they are the Ethereum killer. They say they are the first blockchain to achieve state sharding and then the disclaimer says that shards can’t communicate with each other. Each shard might as well be its own blockchain.

A.Looks like the person doesn’t know the technology well.

First, a lot of projects use the Etheteum components such as ledger model or smart contracts (e.g., ADA, TRON, Ethermint). I don’t think there is anything wrong there.

Second, the guy clearly misunderstood what is a fork or what is new project. A fork is done by forking ethereum code and keep all its history — while we just use part of eth code and the main rest of code — consensus, ledger, cluster are built from Scrach. If the guy has the basic skill of programming and GitHub, all these can be easily verified instead of fudding.

Third, it seems that the guy doesn’t have an idea of sharding — we already partition the user accounts to different shards and describe how we learn from Google’s Bigtable’s sharding. The article is published half years ago.

Q5. When will QKC shards be able to communicate with each other?

A. It could right now (as demonstrated in our testnet).

Q6. Are you satisfied with the work of the mainnet? Everything goes well?

A. Running surprisingly stable at the moment although we added a lot of improvements in the last minute (week).

Thanks for reading this summary. QuarkChain always appreciates your support and company.

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