QuarkChain Will Carry Out a Mainnet Upgrade on September 12th PDT to Introduce EIP155

Since the announcement and introduction of the EIP155 protocol, we have been internally and publicly testing the code with the help of community members. The protocol has been able to run stably on the test network, therefore, we plan to upgrade the main network on September 12th PDT to add the EIP 155 code to the mainnet. More users can soon use the mainnet functions more conveniently and prepare for access to more functions in the future.

Estimated Update Time
September 12th, PDT (subject to the actual update time)

Miner Upgrade Operation
Full node miners need to download the new version:

Miners using QPool do not need to upgrade
QPool website: https://www.qpool.net

In addition, all exchanges that support the mainnet will also gradually complete the upgrade in the near future. Suspension of deposits and withdrawals is normal, and the recovery time is subject to the announcement of each exchange.

The Effects of EIP155 Update
By introducing the EIP 155 code support, the QuarkChain network will be compatible with various wallets such as Metamask, Ledger, and Trezor. Users can directly use the aforementioned wallets to implement DeFi and other applications on the QuarkChain wallets, to use the QuarkChain network functions, and can have a consistent user experience with the Ethereum network but enjoy lower gas fees.

After the update, we still welcome users to submit vulnerabilities to us and will be rewarded according to the security level.
Report vulnerabilities and bugs to email: developers@quarkchain.org, or make proposals on GitHub: https://github.com/QuarkChain/pyquarkchain/issues.

We will have our developers review and evaluate vulnerabilities. After determining the hazard level, we will reward the feedback and its inviters (if any).

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