QuarkChain Won The “PARTY AWARD 2020” Most Technologically Innovative Public Chain Award

Only solid steps can lead to further progress. The public chain competitions are so fierce that only the most technological one can win the final movement.

PANews, one of the most influential Chinese crypto media, together with famous data agencies and industry media, held the first PARTY (PANews’ Retrospect of The Year) election. This selection has 7 categories and 19 prizes. After more than one month of review and vote, 120 projects/enterprises and 46 individuals finally won various awards of “PARTY AWARD 2020”. QuarkChain was selected for its flexible multi-chain heterogeneous function and multi-native token function, and was awarded the annual most technologically innovative public chain award.

The award list was finally selected by PANews based on the number of active addresses on each public chain throughout the year, the total on-chain transactions throughout the year, the number of members in the online community, and the technical innovation materials submitted by the project.

Since the upgrade of QuarkChain mainnet 2.0 “BigBang”, QuarkChain has obtained a more optimized performance experience and multi-native token function that can be flexibly customized and has more features. Multi-native token has the same features as QKC in the QuarkChain system. It can be used to call smart contract, cross-chain transfer, and pay gas fees under certain conditions. Basically, native tokens can achieve all the functions of QKC except the QKC governance. It can solve most of the DeFi problems caused by non-native assets. In the future contract, native tokens will have exactly the same functions as QKC, which will eliminate the last barrier to the application of multi-native token.

In the past year, QuarkChain made great efforts for the application of blockchain technology and achieved the growth of the community using our own advantages. It’s a quite fruitful year for QuarkChain: we successfully completed the planned development work, continued to expand our community, achieved millions TPS and heterogeneous sharding function, signed a number of government-level blockchain cooperation solutions, and worked with our partners on DeFi applications. In 2021, QuarkChain will continue to improve our technology and ecosystem, improve the flexibility and user-friendly of the entire system, and build a more secure and more stable public chain using our multi-native token function.



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