QuarkChain’s First Mainnet-based NFT&DeFi Application Announcement

QuarkChain Official
2 min readFeb 10, 2021


Dear QuarkChain Community Members,

After the release of QuarkChain’s new mainnet “BigBang” function activation announcement, all exchanges that support mainnet QKC are working smoothly on the function upgrades. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and support for QuarkChain, and the function upgrading work is expected to be complete soon.

In addition, after the completion of mainnet function activation, we will launch the first mainnet-based NFT&DeFi applications. By then, community members can have first hand experience of QuarkChain’s innovative products on the Bigbang mainnet.

The new Bigbang mainnet will provide exclusive multi-native token function support to the upcoming NFT&DeFi applications. On the QuarkChain mainnet, multi-native tokens have the same class as that of QKC within the QuarkChain system; it can deploy contracts, cross chains, and pay for transaction fees if certain criteria are satisfied. Other than not being able to participate in governing the QKC network, native tokens can realize all functions of QKC, including the cross-chain transfer of fees; it will also overcome the problem of inconvenience encountered by most of the DeFi. In future contracts, we will improve the functions of multi-native tokens to be the same as that of QKC and eliminate the last barrier of applications of the multi-native tokens.

Multi-native token video link: