The 2nd Phase of “Game of DeFi” ended! 20+ million QKC staked at Lockdrop! The voting poll is open now!

Hey, community members!

After 72 hours of bidding, we got more than 20 million QKC staked at Lockdrop!

Congratulations to those who win the bidding and successfully mint multi-native tokens. Each of you will get 15,000 QKC rewards!!!

All the community members who participated in the bidding and completed the forwarding task will get 200 QKC rewards! Hooray!

During phase two of the “Game of DeFi”, you got the opportunity to learn about our two new products:

· Multi-native token bidding system

· Lockdrop: Cross-chain assets mapping tool

In the past 9 rounds of bidding, our community members were a bit conservative initially, but after getting familiar with the auction process, the bidding of participants became more active, and the competition was on fire! The auction amount was getting higher and higher. The highest bid price in the last round reached 5 million QKC.

9 native tokens were generated in the bidding sections as follows:










We are happy to see QLIBRA won in the last round of bidding!

After the bidding is over, we start the next section of the event! You can vote for your favorite multi-native tokens during this voting section! The final winners are in your hands!

We will announce the results in 24 hours. The winners are just standing at the starting point of the next phase of the game!! Ready to go? Stay tuned with us!


Time: 8/21 19:00–8/22 19:00 PST

Voting rules:

  1. Join QuarkChain community telegram group:
  2. Find the voting poll in the pinned message, and vote for your favorite token(s);
  3. Submit it!




QuarkChain provides a secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS

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