Behind the Extra Scenes “Hitmen in Cars”

Quarry — Extra Content

Writers and creators Michael D. Fuller and Graham Gordy discuss the additional content featuring Buddy and Karl’s stakeout chats. Watch the exclusive footage on MaxGo.

Before production, we started talking about what kind of extras we might want to create for this show. These pieces really stemmed from two things. First, the reality of what your days and nights look like if you’re a part of The Broker’s network: You’re spending a lot of your time sitting in a stakeout location or a car and you’re just watching someone, tracking their pattern, and finding the right time to strike, and you have a partner there with you.

While the content of the show is pretty dark, some writer much smarter than us said, “Empathy is a muscle and it needs relief.” It’s a quote we had on the wall in the writers’ room. One of our favorite things to imagine or write in these scripts was putting The Broker’s “misfit toys” into a confined space together: Mac and Buddy in a car together, or Buddy and Karl, or Mac and Karl, and just exploring what those dynamics and conversations might be. We approached the Buddy and Karl series as short plays that riff on the concept of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” in a way that was organic to the show and let these colorful and dangerous characters bounce off one another as they prepare to carry out their assignments.

Because the audience is only given brief and incremental views into the way these hitmen work, we didn’t have room for as much of this kind of interaction as we wanted. As a result these extra pieces were generally the product of quieter, more human moments we had discussed or written out but never found a place for within the series.

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