The Quasar Census — 2018

Using Quasar? Tell us!!!

With over 7000 stars on Github and a growing list of projects on our awesome-repo, we know that many developers are using the open-source Quasar Framework to make great experiences for and with their communities. We also know from private conversations that most professional developers are so happy with its rendering speed, flexibility and documentation that they don’t need to stop by and ask for help. But as we close in on our 1.0 release, we want to connect with everyone who is using Quasar — because we have some big announcements to make.

The Quasar Census

Do you use the Quasar Framework for your project, are you planning to or do you think it could be a good idea? Are you a student, developer or agency who made the switch to Vue and Quasar? Wish you could support us but don’t have the money? Do you just want some free publicity for your Quasar project?

If any of the above are true, let us know about it! Use this template in a comment below, tweet it or post it on steem with the#qcensus2018 #quasarframeworkhashtags. If you really want to tell us but prefer to keep your skunkworks project secret until launch day, we get it — but we still want to hear from you and will keep your info off the record. Send an email or ping us on Discord.

#qcensus2018 template
%What You Call Your Project / APP / Site%
%git repository% (must be public if you have one)
%elevator pitch%
%comments% (anything you would like us to know about your project)

If you need more information about Quasar itself, here are a few links for your consideration:


About the image used in this campaign.