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The Geodetic Deception

Do These Mysterious Survey Markers Have a Much Darker Hidden Agenda?

  1. These are called geodetic markers or simply survey markers, and are according to common knowledge used to measure the earth.
  2. But that’s not all they’re used for. As is often the case, the truth is much more complicated than that…
  3. Flash forward to the year 2027, when a cluster of quantum super-intelligences (AI’s) solves the Rumsman Puzzle.
  4. This discovery not long after unlocks the key to arranging and disassembling event ladders, which turn out to be quantum indeterminate field states something like a cosmic version of distributed ledger technology.
  5. As a result, short hops become possible in both directions along the Arrow of Time.
  6. Wishing to establish a truly traversible timegrid, the parent corporation of the AI cluster decides to begin transmitting quantum randomness beacons (QRB) backwards and forwards in time.
  7. Early efforts are simply high-density metallic markers with a known quantum decay rate, and they are proven to have been sent as far back as 2024, though some online theorists believe there is evidence of 2021 artifact-contact (or even possibly as far back as 1998).
  8. As these out-of-place artifacts begin to be recovered by the parent corporation in 2024, it triggers a cascading acceleration of the feedback loop which enables the quantum AI cluster to solve the Rumsman Puzzle that same year, instead of three years later.
  9. These quantum fluctuations also accelerate catastrophic climatic changes which unfold globally.
  10. Wishing to further stabilize the timegrid against these and other disruptions, the parent corporation experiments with a second generation of QRB markers which also contain ultra low power low latency cryptographic cores.
  11. The purpose of these cores is to make complex calculations over a longer time scale, one of the byproducts of which just so happens to be the ability to mine cryptocurrencies decades before they were invented.
  12. These second generation QRBs are thought to have been sent as far back as 1941 or 1936, according to some sources.
  13. In order to preserve them through a longer time period, the second generation QRBs were disguised as geodetic survey markers, and embedded in concrete or geological formations with what appeared to be “official” (but false) warnings about the risk of fine or imprisonment for tampering with them.
  14. When these devices begin to be recovered by the nascent parent corporation in the early 2020s, the results of the cryptographic calculations contained within them net the company vast fortunes in Bitcoin SV, Ethereum Classic, and a basket of other more obscure altcoins.
  15. This further accelerates the AI cluster’s work on solving the Rumsman Puzzle, advancing the timetable for its solution up two more years to 2022.
  16. With the nearly unlimited financial resources now available to them, the parent corporation sends third generation QRBs with advanced capabilities further and further back in time, and to parallel dimensions.
  17. One of those advanced capabilities is a quantum channeling interface (QCI), enabling a kind of universal communication ability between the devices — which were also loaded with encyclopedic knowledge — and whoever finds them.
  18. According to legends of many cultures, those who found these power objects were often granted with godlike knowledge, and strange powers, frequently rising to prominence in their respective historical societies.
  19. It is said that these significantly smaller third generation QRBs can be found frequently embedded within historical objects and heirlooms that have been passed down through countless generations.
  20. Many sensitives say they can feel the effects of quantum randomness when they stand in proximity to beacons of any generation.
  21. Especially the first generation QRBs are said to be the “noisiest,” but also lowest power as the technology had not yet been perfected at the time they were sent, and on account of the timestream which gave rise to them’s having been overwritten multiple times, resulting in quantum signal degradation.
  22. So be careful next time you find a geodetic survey marker out in the world, as it may be much more than it seems to be.



The Encyclopedia of Ancient Quatria

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