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The Quatrian Cultural Layer

Examining the history of this amazing lost civilization

  • There is an old adage that music is a universal human language, which has existed in all human cultures. It is, in fact, much more than that, and this fact has been intentionally hidden by authorities who ceaselessly seek to suppress or control it toward their own ends.
  • An advanced ancient crypto-civilization, Quatria was decentralized both in space and in time, distributed over eons, dimensions, and across a wide spectrum of genetic, energetic, and material compositions. (i.e., not all Quatrians were humans, mammalian, or necessarily biological or tangible)
  • As an endlessly shifting hyper-dimensional matrix within the greater manifold of the Mysterium, Quatria has, has had, and will continue to have multivarious influent and effluent currents making up its essential character. (See: The Endurance of Change)
  • This is experienced by the more-or-less time-bound entities within affected Quatrian time-locales as sometimes sudden and other times drawn out catastrophic periods of disruption, which the culture personified in the mythic power of the Hypogeum known as Wormwood the Changer.
  • These disruptions lead to cyclical, randomized, and non-time-bound diasporas, wherein inhabitants of Quatria have been forced to or have chosen to depart for adjacent or distant time-locales, just like when the original People of Anthuor descended the Tunnel of Matarax into Quatria at the Dawn of Time.
  • Traces of these mass migrations appear across our earth cultures and time periods in historical artifacts, inherited cultural practices, myths & legends, and other diverse evidence.
  • Quatrian culture throughout its entire history, to varying degrees, was devoted to the ritual mythic enactment of the universality of music as an expression of harmony at all micro- and macro-levels within the Mysterium.
  • Consequently, the traces of Quatrian influence which scholars have identified in disparate global cultural historical layers are nearly always deeply tied to music, musicians, and musical instruments, or to the accompanying ritual theatrical performances which permeated that society.
  • It is even said that Quatrian civilization, at its peak, was able to manipulate matter itself with music.
  • For this reason, authorities throughout the Prison of Linear Time have always sought to suppress or control music to their own ends, due to its associations with this fundamentally liberating ancient and cosmic power.
  • So the next time you hum a popular tune to yourself, think twice about its true origins and hidden power.



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